New Show Recap: Once Upon a Time 4×14, “Unforgiven”

Time for another recap of Once Upon a Time. Currently we’re on episode 4×14, “Unforgiven.” No, Clint Eastwood doesn’t show up in this.

Snow wakes up to find Charming has left her bed. When baby Neil starts crying, she goes to comfort him, only to find Maleficent, Ursula, and Cruella de Vil in her living room, seeking out her child, because it has a black heart. Turns out, it was all a nightmare, and the baby is fine. Charming is in the living room, and neither one of them can sleep because of the queens of evil being in town. Snow and Charming and concerned that people are going to find our about what they did, and Charming vows to get them out of town before that happens. Is it just me, or is this an episode of Hannibal?

In FTL (Fairy Tale Land), Snow and Charming have returned from their honeymoon to find their guards under the sleeping curse and Maleficent, Cruella, and Ursula waiting for them. They’re not there to fight, but to make a deal. Maleficent approaches Snow and Charming about getting help in ending the dark curse, which Regina had stolen from her. In the forest, there is a tree that can supply answers as to how break their spell, but the magic can be accessed only by two of the most valiant heroes in FTL. Snow and Charming agree to this. They get mad at Maleficent when she uses dragonfire to kill the guards who wouldn’t let them cross the bridge. Maleficent did what needed to be done. Next morning, they find that Snow and Charming ditched to reach the tree. They place their hands on the gold rocks marked in the three and ask how to stop Regina’s curse. The tree glows gold, then red, and then the magic casts then away from the tree. The three witches, who are hot on their trail, have seen the whole thing, and Maleficent realizes suspects that Snow and Charming aren’t as valiant as they thought. Snow and Charming want to leave, and the three witches won’t let them go. Maleficent deduces that Snow is pregnant and that since the child was conceived from true love, the child could grow to be a great hero or a villain darker than any of them. Maleficent later comes to Snow as she sleeps and reveals to Snow that is pregnant as well. She begs Snow to help her beat back Regina’s curse, but Snow refuses because she doesn’t want to become like Maleficent.

Ursula and Cruella can’t get served in Granny’s cafe. Regina and Henry come in to the cafe and Ursula and Cruella tease her about things that she had done in the past. Regina warns them not to bring up any of her past sins in front of Henry. Regina assures Snow and Charming that Ursula’s and Cruella’s magic sucks and not to worry about them. If they want to keep an eye on the two queens 24/7, they need to call the sheriff’s department. Ursula seems to know Hook, and he claims to have met her during one of his voyages.

Cruella and Ursula enter Gold’s shop and have a meeting with Belle. As they strike up a conversation with her, Ursula uses her tentacles to take a box from the back room of the pawn shop. It has Maleficent’s horns on it.

Rumpel is in the caves underneath the city and begins to weave the spell to bring Maleficent back to life. He begins by using magic to gather a bunch of dirt into a pile. I guess these are her ashes? Why weren’t they gathered up and scattered to the four winds after Dragon! Maleficent was slain?

In Regina’s office, Henry is looking over the book, but he’s unable to find any clues left by the author of the book. Henry has also noticed Regina’s frosty reaction to Ursula and Cruella. She doesn’t like them because they remind her of the time when she was a villain and that she’ll never get her happy ending. She tells Henry that she was happiest with him. Regina notices the pages with Pinocchio’s story are different, and it was because August added them. August isn’t around to ask, but Pinocchio is. Regina invites Gepetto to her office, but Pinocchio can’t remember anything. Regina asks if Emma can help Pinocchio remember the book. Regina loses patience and becomes insolent. Emma acts quickly to cool things down and takes the kids to the vending machine. Gepetto tells Regina to stay away from Pinocchio from now on. Later, Regina goes to Gepetto to apologize and is sincere about it. He accepts her apology. He also shows that he kept August’s possessions and that Regina is welcome to look through them.

Emma and Charming are staking out Cruella and Ursula, and Emma asks her father if he knew them. He admits he did. They speak to Belle, who explains that a box is missing from the pawn shop. Emma and Charming pull Cruella over and search for the box. During the search, Charming finds a box with a small pouch in it, but he tells Emma the car is clean. Emma still thinks Charming is hiding something from her. Later, as he gets into the car, we see that Charming has taken the pouch. Later, Charming shows the contents to Snow, who recognizes it as the gemstone Maleficent used in her scepter. Maleficent’s remains are still under the library from when Emma slew her in dragon form. Charming finds an easy solution: they need to get to the library, gather up the remains, and toss them into the sea. Didn’t you all read Dracula or see any of the hundreds of movies based on the book? You should have done that when you first slew her…and salted the place, too!

Emma has found surveillance footage of Ursula and Cruella exiting the pawn shop. When she shows it to her parents, they’re getting ready to go for “a hike,” which is what they must call gathering ashes from a burned-up dragon corpse that you should have gathered up years ago and throwing them into the sea. Snow and Charming find the ashes in the mine under the library and grin at their good luck, but Ursula, Cruella, and Rumpel are already there, and Ursula uses a spell to knock them unconscious. Cruella cuts their hands with a dagger and collects some of their blood. Maleficent is resurrected, first in dragon form, and then in human form. Where is Daenarys Targaryen when you need her?

Snow thinks Maleficent holds a grudge against her, but Maleficent is only interested in causing Snow pain for whatever it was she did.

Rumpel is still interested in getting Belle back, but as he watches her through the shop windows, he sees that she has moved on, as she’s kissing Will Scarlett.

Hook owns up to Emma about his past with Ursula. They were romantically involved while he was still a pirate, and he “did worse” than break her heart. Emma waxes on about how she thought her parents were lying to her about the hike (though they were), and that she’s going to trust Hook to tell her about Ursula in his own time and that she’ll try to see the best in him.

Snow and Charming tell Emma about how Maleficent has been resurrected and that she’s after them. Why? “Because they’re villains and they’re heroes.” Snow later meets with Regina in the woods at night and asks her to go undercover, join their coven, and find out their plans. Snow tells Regina that she has a terrible secret: that Emma has the potential for great darkness, and that they went to great lengths to keep her on the path to light. They lied to protect her. Henry seems to have found a clue among August’s possessions. Because of Snow and Charming, Maleficent lost her child while Emma lived.

What I suspect is going to happen:

  1. Remember Lily from the first half of the season? She has something to do with Emma. Can we say changelings or switched at birth?
  2. Because Disney now owns Star Wars, Hayden Christiansen is going to make an appearance as Anakin Skywalker on a very special episode toward the end of the season and explain to Emma the perils of turning to the Dark Side.
  3. Since there very well be some dragon sightings in Maine, S.H.I.E.L.D. will be called in, and Agent Coulson and the gang will be there to fix everything in a very special week of crossover episodes between Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Once Upon a Time.
  4. Maybe this is the very last season and during the last episode, we’ll find out that this was all a dream of Emma’s, like in Newhart, or maybe they’ll really jump the shark and have it all be a fantasy concocted in Henry’s mind because he hated his mom, like St. Elsewhere, but different. And it will be especially sweet because the two apologize to each other for being so awful or whatever and kiss and make up.

So what did you guys think of this episode, or this season in general? Please share in the comments below!

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