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Hello friends! This week’s edition will be quick links as I’m dealing with a sick puppy.

This article in The Guardian is an excerpt from a book about drone warfare. (Trigger warnings for death and violence.)

Avijit Roy, a Bangladeshi-American blogger who was an atheist and outspoken in his opposition to religious extremism, was killed this week. (Another trigger warning for death and violence.)

The U.S. is considering staying longer in the Kandahar province of Afghanistan.

The parents of a former Thai princess were arrested under the laws against defamation of the royal family.

Since it’s widely believed that an increase in poaching of African elephants is directly related to the Chinese demand for ivory, the government has instituted a one year ban on the import of ivory.

An avalanche north of Kabul is believed to have killed 187 people.

This story tells the story of Afghanistan’s first female taxi driver, Sara Bahayi.

India’s prime minister denounced communalism and promised religious freedom for all.

Meanwhile, India’s government is investing $137 billion in railways.

Greenpeace India admitted it didn’t adequately address or take action on a female staff member’s complaints of sexual harassment by another employee.

A North Korean company has renamed ships to avoid U.S. sanctions and has tried to smuggle things like fighter jets into the country.

South Korea struck down a 60-year-old law making infidelity illegal.

Independent civic groups in China are facing crackdowns and arrests.

This is a tactic I know some wish would happen to anti-vaxxers here in the States: parents in Pakistan have been detained for refusing the polio vaccine for their children.

Finally, remember the excitement over the Afghan men’s cricket team? Well, Afghanistan beat Scotland in their first match by one wicket.


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