Oh Fuck Me, It’s Daylight Savings Time Again: A Story in Gifs

Spring forward? More like fall flat on my face from exhaustion. 

That moment when you realize it’s only March fucking 7th and you have to reset your clocks tonight.

Gif of Steve Carell saying, "No! God! No God please no! No! Noooooooooooooo!"

Already? Surely you can’t be serious!

Animated gif from Airplane of Dr. Rumack (Leslie Neilsen) saying "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley."

Great. That’s just great.

Character from Broad City saying "Oh, fuck" in a dismayed fashion.

Seriously, fuck this.

A gif of a man at a desk making a mess and captioned "fuck this, and this, and this. Fuck everything."


Gif from Labyrinth of Jareth turning the clock forward and Sarah saying, "That's not fair!"

Yeah, yeah, I know.

Gif from Harry Potter of Snape saying, "It may have escaped your notice, but life isn't fair."

Fine. I’ll reset my clock.

Animated gif from How I Met Your Mother of Robin sitting on the floor under a desk holding a bottle of wine and crying


Gif from Frozen of Anna dozing off sitting up in bed with her hair a mess

Sunday night: I will be responsible and go to bed early!

Gif from Star Trek: The Next Generation of Data sitting in bed, yawning.


LOL, nope.

Gif of someone trying to go to bed, but unable to sleep.

Monday morning:

Gif from Groundhog Day of Bill Murray mashing his alarm clock

I have to get up now???

Gif from Harry Potter of Hermione saying, "That's totally barbaric!"

Some fucker at work is all perky and awake and shit?

Gif from Coming to America of Samuel L. Jackson saying "Who the fuck is this asshole?!?"

Monday afternoon:

Gif of a little girl falling asleep on a beach, captioned "I take a nap right now"

Oh, and to those of you who are just itching to inform me that it’s not daylight savings, it’s daylight saving?

Gif from Doctor Who of Jackie Tyler saying, "I don't care about that."

No, seriously.

Simon Pegg in Shaun of the Dead, saying "Get fucked."

Shirtless David Tennant in Fright Night, saying "Fuck Off."

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12 thoughts on “Oh Fuck Me, It’s Daylight Savings Time Again: A Story in Gifs”

  1. I’m so very lucky — it’s my spring break. Meaning instead of struggling to function in public, I can do grad school stuff at home in pj pants with the cats.

    Well, Dorkbutt (roommate’s cat) yelled at me this morning for not feeding him as early as he desires. Crazybutt (my cat) stole extra snuggles instead.

  2. Where did that final GIF come from?

    Also, daylight savings sucks, although I do enjoy the sun being out later. Wait, no, crap, it’s the opposite, isn’t it? Sun is UP earlier. I hate that. Hate mornings. Stupid sun waking me up when I get to sleep in.

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