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Good news from the Supreme Court? Free nipples? “Solidarity” gone horribly wrong? Must be time to update your reading list!

SCOTUS has ordered the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider the case of Young v. United Parcel Service with new guidelines that should give pregnant workers much better odds of successfully fighting against pregnancy discrimination.

FratPAC is planning to lobby Congress to convince them to make colleges and universities hold off on punishing students accused of sexual assault until and unless they are convicted in a court of law. Because that happens so often! (Of course, they have no issue with schools punishing other illegal behaviors like underage drinking.)

Activists in Iceland celebrated “Free the Nipple” day yesterday to protest censorship of the female body. (NSFW, obviously.)

Brittney Cooper on why Mo’Ne Davis was called a slut and how black women are socialized to be the peacemakers, no matter the personal cost. And Damon Young sums up the situation perfectly:

Fuck that guy.

No, seriously. Fuck. That. Guy.

No, wearing a hijab and darkening your skin for Lent is not a good idea, white lady. JFC.

Ijeoma Oluo has some suggestions for closet racists, since people are starting to catch on to their current coded language.

Comic books about female superheroes are doing fantastically well right now! (Suck it, whiny man-babies.)

“Beyond Mansplaining” — some of the other annoying male behaviors you meet on the internet.

Why don’t men read books by women?

On the particular vitriol directed toward women who write about sports.

What happened when a woman pretended to be a dude while tweeting about social justice.

Finally, let’s end with some (dubious?) safe sex awareness from one of my college besties. Very NSFW, but funny!

What did you read this week?

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  1. I got blocked by xoJane, when I posted a comment with sources from other xoJane webpages, showing that there is a pro-Christian and anti-Muslim bias. They are definitely fucking racist, but I expect that this post will be ignored just like the one I made sympathizing with Pakistani mistrust of American corporations on here.

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