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Aldnoah Zero ep 10

OMG! How does that work exactly?

I should probably start at the beginning. The EUFE finally decided to attack the Moonbase with a two-way attack to split the defense. Darzana, being too intelligent for her own good, guessed this was a ploy to send an infiltration team to kill the Princess… and she was right. So Inaho and Inko were dispatched to foil that plan and pick the Princess up.

That means that the Deucalion is fighting two Martian Kataphracs and soon a third one and a bunch of red shirt mechs with only Rayet, Yuki and Marito left. The Deucalion’s escort got blow up already. Slaine is a total moron though, all he’s doing is because he hates that the princess prefers Inaho. It’s really like a remake of Buddy Complex. Also, the Deucalion can transform into basically a landing castle.

Lemrina smilling
Lemrina is the only person smilling this episode

So the OMG! thing was that Inaho’s eye finally had its toll on him. He fell unconscious, but had the time to program an AI on the eye which took him over for a little bit. I get the feeling he’s now looking like the Princess though. She gave him her necklace.

I’m not sure where we are going to stand next week. Someone is supposed to come and save the Princess; she’s supposed to call Inko, but Klancain found her first.

Fafner Exodus ep 10

The exodus title now makes sense. The city with the destroyed Mir is going on an exodus to a new “promised” land. That’s after Soushi and Kazuki tried to destroy the Azazel type and its core escaped.

Miwa decided to follow the city’s inhabitants, so almost everyone is following the exodus. There is also apparently a traitor around and Maya’s sister gave her a gun. I guess we have a real Chekov’s gun!

Outside of that, the fight was nice, but the not-from-island people are a bit annoying.

Death Parade ep 10

So the card game is the least stressful thing ever. Noname’s judgment time is coming to an end, they have three months from the first appearance to judge the human souls, otherwise they revert to a doll. Noname is already starting to revert. *sad face*

Decim is starting to have doubts, lots of doubts, about his judgment, thanks to Noname. This time he decided to judge people without getting anyone’s memories, which means neither Noname nor the old lady that came in. The old lady was an illustrator in life and she guessed she died when she saw something that existed only in her mind. That’s in the card game of course, the cards are all mapped on the player’s mind. Decim had to play too.

Noname at least remembers her name now. It’s Chiyuki, which translates to something like knowledge of happiness. We don’t know much about her though, she apparently died “early.”

Chiyuki smilling
Chiyuki loves smilling

The only special event in this episode is that Oculus (old lotus flower billiard man) found out about Nona’s experimentation. He finds it pointless. Although, seems like Decim now sees himself as a psy.

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