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According to this report, the Chinese Coast Guard has increased by 25 percent in the last three years.

A fire at a chemical plant in Southern China prompted the evacuation of thousands.


Despite protests from human rights groups, the Malaysian government has strengthened anti-sedition laws. The government says it’s to reduce “threats carried out on social media.” Opponents counter that the move is to squash criticism of the government.

The government also wants to bring back the practice of detention without trial, just three years after abolishing it, as part of an anti-terrorism bill. Does any of this sound familiar to us Americans?


The alleged mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attack has been released on bail.

Pakistan has voted to stay out of the conflict in Yemen, despite pressure from Saudi Arabia.

An environmentalist in Lahore was tired of being groped and sexually harassed by rickshaw drivers and fellow male passengers. So, Zar Aslam decided to start her first women-only, auto-rickshaw service.


Japan’s ruling party wants to bring back nuclear power.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is paying a visit to France in part to promote his “Make in India” program.

The US, France, and Germany have asked for India’s help in the evacuation of foreign nationals of each of those countries from Yemen.

Uber has now launched a cash-only rickshaw service in Delhi.

North Korea

Just in time for the US Defense Chief’s visit to South Korea, the North Korean military fired two missiles into the sea.


There was an attack by a suicide bomber on a NATO convoy this week.

Amnesty International’s new report slams the government for failing to protect women’s rights activists, leaving them vulnerable to harassment, rape, and assassination.

Ending on two positive notes, both from Afghanistan. The first is a documentary about photojournalists in Afghanistan working after Taliban rule, which banned photography altogether.

The second is a story from NPR about a group of 12 women who are a part of Ascend, an organization that wants to bring the sport of mountaineering to Afghanistan and particularly, to the women of the country.

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