Weekly Anime Review

Lots of sadness this week, a character I liked died. Lots of smiles this week, funny things also happened. I guess they balance each other. I haven’t dropped anything yet either. There was also action, so I was entertained.

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Bladework, Ep 16

Nooooooooo, Ilya!!!! *sniff* Gilgamesh will pay, well, I hope he will.

Although, my sadness was short-lived. This episode had way too much tsundere Rin to amuse me after that point. Getting teased by Lancer, Shirou, and basically everyone. Shirou even told Lancer off and he doesn’t want to flirt with her. Rin’s answer about that, “It’s like we are already a couple.” She’s amusing when she gets annoyed.

Shirou and Rin finally made a partnership with Lancer, after his master told him to do so. He picked them because they are…How did he put it? A yes, eccentric softies. He also has a beef with Archer. His job is going to deal with Archer and maybe Saber. Assassin can’t leave the Temple, so that is a plus. Shirou and Rin will have to deal with Caster and her master.

On his side, Gil took something from Ilya, I suspect that’s something to create the Grail. Nasty guy.

I find it weird that Rin mentioned that there is only one amulet and that she didn’t mention she used it to summon Archer. I know where this is leading, but it’s not getting there fast enough.

Knights of Sidonia, Season 2 Ep 03

Kunato is still having very stupid ideas. So is the Captain, and it looks like the XO is smelling the crap coming, I’m wondering if, in the end, she’s going to be in charge.

The Captain decided to go on the offensive with new tech and one Chimera. How chimera are made is very creepy. They are the kids of Hoshishiro and a human. She’s basically getting raped by Kunato/Ochai. Meh.

Sidoina Gardes in space
This is what I love about Sidonia, awesome space shot of flying mechs.

Izana and Nagate are now the Chimera best friends. The creepy moe-blob loves cats too. Another random thing, En, one of the pink-haired clones, is out of her coma from last season. She blame Nagate, she also seems to have super strength now.

Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Ep 04

The Major was infected by a virus after she infiltrated her former Lieutenant Colonel cyberbrain. She’s the first person to find him dead and her entire team kind of used his death as a trap. They even hid her cyberbrain infection from them.

In the end, this seem to relate to the previous episodes. The conglomerate was making illegal deals with the Japanese government, the LT-Col found out about it and was eliminated by the government as a cover-up. The virus was Fire-starter, which is the same thing as we saw in the first two episodes. I guess the plot is just very hard to follow now.

In the end, the LT. Col. was cleared and the Major is now the owner of her prosthetic body. She is free! Next episode is apparently Batou the Ranger-related. Kusinage/Batou antics never get old.

Kekkai Sensen, Ep 04

Vampires that nobody can see except Leonard. Vampire specialist called Lucky Abrams for the fact that catastrophes happen all around him and he never gets hurt in the process.

Such catastrophe happens because of curses by Vampires, he’s just that lucky. Looks like this is another show of “humanity” vs “vampires.” Charming. I’m still wondering if I should continue watching or dropping. It’s not bad, but I’m not a fan of the direction montage.

Arslan Senki, Ep 04

Narsus, despite looking fishy, seems like a nice guy, somewhat. He freed all of his slaves, you can’t be a bad person if you do that, right? Seems like Arslan is pondering that.

Daryun is quite intelligent. He knew Narsus wasn’t going to help him unless he forced the issue, So he passed near Kharlan’s castle to make sure he was tailed later. Narsus was not amused. Their relationship fall into belligerent best friend.

Gosh the ending, Arslan is either an idiot or a genius. To have Narsus’s help him, he said that once he was King of Pars he would name him Court Painter…and it worked. Narsus really likes his art, lol.

Surprised Narsus
Narsus just got offered what he always wanted: the Court Painter title.

Owari no Seraph, Ep 04

Well, this seems to have taken a turn for the most interesting. Mostly because the show title actually means something. Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End) is something that was created by humans and Vampires were not too happy. Seems like both Yu and Mika were Seraph and that crappy Vampire noble planned everything so Yu could escape in a Vampire power-play.

Mika was saved by the Queen by being turned into a Vampire. Poor kid. We also don’t really know what is so important about the Seraph, but there is a plot and not just random school high-jinx in a post-apocalyptic setting. Yu also made a new friend/rival this episode.

The end of the episode had the Vampires declaring war on the Japan Demon Army. I wonder how much time it’s going to take to really take off, though.

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