Lunchtime Poll: Lunch at Work

What do you like to pack if you’re eating lunch at work?

I need some inspiration because (pending some background check stuff that I can’t imagine will find anything untoward), I’m starting a new job soon. Which means figuring out what to do for lunch. I always just bought lunch when I worked in the city because there were a million cheap options and I had to kill an hour, but I’ll probably try to bring food most of the time. Sandwiches are easiest to make and bring with, but they get pretty boring after a while (especially since I can’t imagine they’ll have a toaster for making grilled cheeses; those I can eat pretty much every day with no issues). I’ll probably make big batches of mac & cheese to reheat sometimes as well, or maybe empanadas made with leftovers from the crock pot. Any other ideas?

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3 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll: Lunch at Work”

  1. Nothing that will stink up the joint. Also, at least initially, bring stuff that doesn’t require refrigeration (other than a cold pack in an insulated lunch box) or microwaving.
    You should hold off on anything that requires either of those until you can confirm 1-that there’s room in the fridge for your lunch, 2-that no one will steal your lunch from the fridge, and 3-that the microwave is cleaned on a semi-regular basis.

  2. Finger food ish stuff is always good. You never know when you’ll have to stop and answer a question, so it’s best if everything can be quickly swallowed. Pieces of fruit with some kind of dip is always a win for me. (And since it’s summer, fresh tomatoes/pineapple and cottage cheese with black pepper, yes please.) I also like curry-like things. You know, rice + something over top. Easy to reheat, easy to pack, and can be made in large quantities for the whole week.

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