Memories of a Teen Idol

Most teenagers have their number one teen idol crush who they will defend in loud arguments with friends. Often for teenage girls, this means posters in lockers and in notebooks and repeat watching of movies or listening to albums featuring their object of affections. In the early 2000s, that also meant the creation of Geocities pages, long-winded message board posts, and taking hours to download photos from the internet of obscure magazine scans from around the world. Do teenage girls today even know the hours-long process of creating the perfect collage prior to pre-made Instagram-based apps?

I recently found a collection of my old agendas from middle and high school. While most of the collages and notes have not survived the past 10-15 years, I have found 5 pictures that lasted.

5 Pictures of Heath Ledger that Sum Up Teenage Idolatry

HeathLedger - 4
Tiny corner Heath Ledger, to open up the agenda. Bonus: Lacrosse jokes!
HeathLedger - 3
True fangirls have unflattering photos of their faves in their agendas. See below.
HeathLedger - 2
Why did we even let these small sunglasses happen ever?
HeathLedger - 5
Grainy and spotty movie still from A Knight’s Tale, a movie I’m pretty obsessed with. Definitely printed from the internet.
HeathLedger - 1
The size and font indicate that this is a magazine clipping. I hope 14-year-old me was considerate enough to let her family finish reading Entertainment Weekly before ripping this from “The Must List.”

True friends don’t ever let you live this down. Good thing I’m shameless and I put this on the internet forever.

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