Things You Can Do with Your Friends*

*According to my roommate

Tired of those ladymags with their crazy suggestions about how to dress or what’s trendy or what’s cool? Well just in time for summer, this ladymag has some suggestions for fun things you can do with your friends, as my roommate has attempted all of these activities with me.

Eat soup.

Jazz it up by eating it out of a mug. Add cheese, go wild.

Watch the microwave.

Contained spinning is soothing.

Watch the washing machine.

Just go nuts and watch all of the appliances you can, and even some of the ones that don’t actually do anything worth watching.

Sing songs that aren’t songs.

Bonus: try to guess what song you are singing. Imagine a scenario like this:

Sometimes you can just kick back and take off your socks.

Fight those cotton feet oppressors.

Play with puppets.

This is the bottle cap puppet that my roommate made during grad school. On more than one occasion she has chased me with it. Fun activities to try with your friends!

Look at your eye to see if something is wrong.

I mean, one of you might be demonically possessed (see the above puppet photo), so how can you be sure?

Polish your shoes.

Nothing says “girls’ night in” like reading old ladyguides and cleaning your boots after a long winter.

Sing “We Didn’t Start the Fire” loudly.

Although, this was mostly inspired by my roommate’s students, I believe the following song is also a fair substitute.

Discover new uses for beauty products.

Sure, all lotions can be used for whatever part of your body you want, and in a pinch, facial cleansing soap is whole body soap, but dry shampoo spray to reduce sweaty feet in flats is MIRACULOUS.


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