Weekly Anime Review

The spring season is almost over, with just a few episodes left. It also means lots of action for most shows, except Knight Of Sidonia which seems to be filling time before facing the large cluster.

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade works ep 21

This episode had the end of the Archer vs. Shirou fight (or ideological battle or whatever). It’s quite nonsensical and Archer stopped caring once he remembered his kid life with his dad. So he lost.

I remember saying that I wished Shinji got punished for his very creepy actions… well, I think I got more than I wanted. That was gruesome. He’s not the vessel for the grail and it’s basically growing inside of him. Gross.

We also got lots of exposition about “what is the grail.” Saber, Rin and Shirou were not happy to learn it, nor of Gilgamesh’s intention with it.

Knights of Sidonia season 2 ep 08

More harem stuff outside of Yure showing the gauna-weapon to Sasaki. I suppose that Sasaki is another immortal going by how she is an old friend to Yure. I kind of like how Izana pointed out her grandma seems to live forever too, oh and Lure saying that Izana looked just like her when she was younger. She’s so totally a clone.

Shinatose in risk clothe
Yure’s lingerie

The rest of the episode was setting up Izana/Tanikaze with a bit of jealousy Yuhata and clueless moe-blob. We also learned that Yure had some special taste in clothing when she was younger. Izana also got a new Gardes control system to allow her to use ten fingers and augmented reality.

Ghost In the Shell: Arise ep 09

Not yet aired.

Kekkai Sensen ep 09

The plan had the other half of the Blood Breed form last week. He wanted to reunite with his missing parts. There was also the other pupil of Zapp’s master. He’s called Zed O’Brien and he is a half-fish.

I now know why Blank is called Blank. That’s not his name. White knows it though, but we don’t. She was asked by Blank to take Leo’s eye to save her brother, and she was not happy about it. We also had some flashbacks to White and Black when they were kids. Their parents looked like nice people, which probably explains why they sacrificed themselves.

There was also something happening in the middle of the collapse, but this episode didn’t explain what it was. Only three episodes left, I don’t know if they can wrap everything up, or if we are going to be left with loose ends.

Arslan Senki ep 09

Arslan feels useless again. Geive makes a fool of himself romancing Farangis again and the bromance between Narsus and Dayrun continues.

Narsus and Dayrun went to the Pars capital to see if they could find the King and the Queen. They ended up facing up with Silvermask (or Two-face going by he huge burn on the right side of his face). He’s good enough with a blade to hold up to Dayrun and Narsus. He also pissed off Narsus by calling him an inept painter.

Arslan meets up with Etoile again. Looks like Etoile rose in the ranks and has made Commander now. There was a bit of philosophical talk here and, along with another scene in this episode, it doesn’t really paint Lusitania in a good light. As Narsus explained yet it, their god’s name means “Sacred Ignorance.” That’s quite appropriate considering how they are acting and what they believe.

Hermes without his mask

Owari no Seraph ep 09

Yoichi, you can one-shoot those Apache Heli; why aren’t you doing it? There was quite a bit of unnecessary “drama” at the expense of Yoichi’s character in this episode.

I’m also creeped out by Shiona. She is a creepy genki girl, saying “this is war” and saying with such a happy vibe how deadly the pills she gave the guys are.

I think the best part of this episode was the rest of Guren’s team and Mika’s segments. Mika is not a true vampire, he hasn’t had human blood yet; he’s drinking the vampire leader Krul’s blood.

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