Weekly Anime Review

Action, action everywhere this week (outside of Fate/Stay Night, which had a setup episode for the final).

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works ep 22

This was the “planning the ending” episode. Rin is being ultra tsundere on top of it. I guess having to take your clothes off in front of the guy you like can do that to you. Shirou is still super blunt, though: “That’s why I fell for you in the first place.” He really needs to work on his pick-up lines.

So the plan is to take down Gilgamesh using Shirou and the Reality Marble. The catch is, Shirou doesn’t have enough mana, so Rin has to share hers. That leads to Shirou getting her magical family crest. Saber is also being all nostalgic, really feels like “last chance/last fight” talks.

That “Grail summoning thingy” is very ugly. I’m surprised Shinji looks alive, though. Don’t tell me he is going to survive this…

The Grail summoning thingy
The Grail summoning thingy, reminds me of Mass Effect 2 human larvae

Knights of Sidonia season 2 ep 09

Well Izana wasn’t happy to learn that her grandmother set up the not-really-a-date thing with Nagate. It also resulted in a really interesting question: “You really don’t care about me do you?”

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to call Yuhata an asshole or not. She decided to put Izana on a recon mission many pilots call a suicide mission. She had an opening after a pilot deserted.

They encountered a Gauna, so… suicide mission it was. To be Continued.

Ghost In the Shell: Arise ep 9

So, the gang is still hunting down Fire-Starter. They found an ex-broker, who blew himself up along with lots of American agents… who are apparently there to help. Seems like Colonel Hozumi did not fully blow up in the second episode either; titanium brain-cases are tough.

Looks like the Major’s former unit is involved in the whole mess too, so the next episode should be interesting and sad (it’s the last one).

Kekkai Sensen ep 10

There is an abnormal number of weird restaurants in the town. So much that Leo ended up refusing to go in each one and wound up with hallucinations about the God of Chow (Food).

Some other stuff was happening in the background, seems like the show will try to wrap the Black and White plot with the few episodes still left. And it looks like they are spacing the last two episodes with breaks in between. Meh.

Arslan Senki ep 10

Arslan learned a few harsh lessons in this episode. I really like that the story doesn’t result in “freeing slaves = everything is perfect afterward.”

Arslan and company find refuge with one of Pars lords. He’s a fat man with an oily speech, so you can tell he’s not going to be exactly a nice guy. He has grand plan to marry his daughter to Arslan and is trying to make him forgo any idea of legal reform like freeing slaves.

This results in a fight where Dayrun kills the lord and the gang escapes the fort. Arslan then decides to free the slaves and they try to kill him. For the Master! Arslan just learned that freeing the slaves will piss off the slaves and the lords. Being in slavery under a generous lord is better than having nothing at all.

Owari no Seraph ep 10

Dang, the last 10 seconds were awesome, but it doesn’t really excuse the super lazy 20 minutes though. Lots of still shots of the Anti-Vampires unit fighting lots of nameless vampires.

Guren asking for 20 seconds
Guren is the best :P

Mika had a small fight against Guren and won… until Yu showed up and shoved his sword through his heart before realizing who it was. Considering Mika isn’t really a vampire I doubt he’s going to die from that.

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