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Typhoon Chan-hom hit the southeast coast of China and has left thousands stranded.

If one natural disaster wasn’t enough, Bali’s airport and several others in Indonesia were forced to shut down due to ash from a volcanic eruption from Mount Raung.

The Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif of India and Pakistan respectively, met in Russia to discuss ending terrorism in Southeast Asia. The meeting of leaders from the two countries is rare.

The Thai government has received international criticism for deporting 100 Uighur Muslims back to China. Now the Thai government says that they refused China’s request to deport ALL Uighur Muslims.

A stampede at a factory in Bangladesh where free clothing was given away led to 23 deaths. I’ll let the irony of the situation sink in a bit.

China’s plunging stock market is being blamed on this guy.

The Zoroastrian Parsi community of India is suing Snoop Dogg for a video they insist insults their faith. The video is a collaboration with Iranian pop star Amitis and shows Snoop Dogg smoking a joint while sitting beneath a gold Faravahar, the most sacred symbol of the Zoroastrian religion. The religion dates back 3500 years and is considered one of the oldest monotheistic faiths. Only an estimated 200,000 people still practice the religion. The actual video is on the link if anyone is interested.

India is set to launch five British satellites.

A massive power outage in the city of Karachi cuts off the city’s water supply.

Myanmar has finally set a date for its first general election in 25 years: November 8.

Finally, because football (or soccer to us American heathens) is awesome, the first ever women’s football tournament is being organized in Kabul by the Roshan Afghan Premier League.


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