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Welcome to another week of news. This will be mostly quick links. Happy reading!

An Afghan Taliban leader has backed peace talks between the group and Afghan government.

The US has increased airstrikes in Afghanistan.

The number of Afghan refugees returning home from Pakistan has surged.

A land bill in India sponsored by the Modi government is facing strong opposition.

Indian workers win a $20 million settlement from a US company for exploitation.

The most expensive Indian-produced movie to date is a huge success.

China is warning Japan not to meddle in things as the Japanese government is now allowing troops to fight overseas.

China arrested nine Britons for allegedly spreading a terrorist video. They’ve now been deported back to the UK.

Shots were exchanged by troops on the Pakistan/India border.

UNICEF is set to launch a mobile birth registration.

Citizens on either side the India/Bangladesh border will be given the option to choose their citizenship and where they want to live.

There’s this story of women therapists in Afghanistan.

And this one on Pakistan’s feminist history.

Finally, Malala Yousafzai celebrated her 18th birthday by opening a school for Syrian refugee girls.


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