News in Asia is Stoked for Women’s World Cup

As of this writing, I’m super excited for the Women’s World Cup final tonight. 

It’s USA vs. Japan and I’m psyching myself up by shouting, “USA, USA!” But only in my head. Now, these two teams faced each other in the last World Cup final back in 2011, when Japan beat the U.S. so the women’s team from the States is looking for redemption. (Update: USA won 5-2!)

In other news…

There are satellite images that show the near completion of a Chinese airstrip on a small island in the South China Sea.

New security laws give the Chinese government and military a whole lot of power.

In environmental news, India will not announce a year for its carbon emissions to peak.

Also, due to a shorter than average monsoon season, the Indian government had allocated $7.9 billion for irrigation to farmers already hurt by a current lack of irrigation and lower prices for crops.

U.S. Customs officials have recovered a bronze religious statue estimated to be worth $1 million.

A ferry boat in the Philippines capsized while carrying 150 people. Thirty-eight are confirmed dead.

Last month’s heatwave in Pakistan killed an estimated total of 1,250 people.

I’m sorry the news is so terrible… but scores of people are dead after an Indonesian military plane crashed. Many have called for the replacement of old planes and equipment.

There’s some good news… South Korean health officials have announced that there are no new cases of the MERS virus.

An Australian government official says that the country is hesitant to embrace same-sex marriage and equality because Asian nations might view it as decadent. Ok then.

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