This Week in Lady Reads

We’re keeping it short and sweet this week, but quality over quantity, right?

10 questions Taylor Swift should have asked herself before sticking her foot in her mouth and calling out Nicki Minaj.

Jesse Williams is fucking awesome.

Why you can’t be pro-black and homophobic.

Gamer dudes who harass women are losers, according to science. Color me shocked.

Yes, there are mutant daisies growing near Fukushima. No, it’s probably not from radiation.

Brian Kilmeade is a fucking moron who doesn’t understand how sharks work.

All the Minions are dudes because the creator says they’re too “dumb and stupid” to be female. Misandry or a failure to recognize that women can be ridiculous and funny too?

Bust has an interesting look at the popular Gilmore Guys podcast.

VSB has a hilarious defense of being “a petty motherfucker.”

Goddamn the Onion is keeping it real.

What did you read this week?

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