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Arslan Senki is back with a normal episode. I kinda missed its down-to-earth narrative style. Rokka no Yuusha is also using the adventure style with a plot, which I like a lot. Chaos Dragon and Overlord are still somewhat meh, but they both have one more episode until I decide if I keep or drop them. The newcomer, God Eater, was pretty good; I think I’m going to watch it just for the art style.

God Eater ep 01

This was kinda hard to follow. There was a certain lack of exposition for a change. The setting is similar to Attack of Titans, except we have super-powered humans using humongous weapons to beat the crap out of monsters.

The super-power is based on genetic manipulation too, it’s not “natural.” The genetically modified kids get a bracelet fused to their hand and the name God Eaters. That makes me wonder where the monsters are coming from… The humongous weapons are called God Arcs and they are a tiny bit too big, really.

Hellhole of a workplace
Hellhole is quite appropriate going by the episode

I liked this episode, the art style was different from the standard Ufotable, it feels a bit more painted than usual (it’s cell-shaded). Animations were nice too. This one I should watch until the end.

Rokka no Yuusha ep 02

Well, we learned quite a bit about Nasha this episode. Looks like her father is just a puppet after he apparently started a civil war. Why the ruler of a country would start a civil war is beyond me, but looks like he did. Unless the war started over him wanting to kill Nasha, which he did try to do.

There was some fighting this episode, I really like Adlet’s style and arsenal. We also meet two more braves this episode: Goldof, a knight of Piena who is all monotone and knightly over Nasha (she found him boring from the look of it), and Fremy, a Saint, who uses guns to kill people. Goldof believes she is the wannabe-Brave killer, but going by her “are you here to kill me?” question to Adlet, I doubt that is correct.

If you pay attention to the OP, there are seven people with the flower symbol. One of them is a traitor, I get the feeling we are going to put the blame on each one of them. Personally, my bet is either on Goldof or Nasha at this point, but not because they are working for the “bad guy.”

Chaos Dragon ep 02

The nonsense armor from last week makes sense now, the Kouran general has robotic spider legs. She also died this episode, along with another friend of Ibuki. Looks like the Red Dragon sees murder as both killing someone and failing to protect someone. He also demands a balance of the scale: one death for one life. Which means that one of Ibuki’s friend has to die for every person he wants to kill.

I guess the point is to learn to not kill. It also appears that there are more dragons. Donatia has Black Dragon’s Knight, Blondie is one of them. Kouran probably has something similar too, probably the girl with the coffin that she calls “Master” who absorbs souls. She’s creepy and part of the “Red Dragon” expedition, along with Blondie. Ibuki was also asked to participate. I smell trouble ahead, like Donatia and Kouran trying to kill everyone else to take the island over for themselves.

This episode was somewhat better than the previous one, let’s see if this keeps up.

By the way, Blondie’s name is Swallow Cratsvalley, it’s just too ugly to use.

Overlord ep 02

The voice switch between Momonga and his player is somewhat annoying. I can see why they want the player to sound younger and Momonga more mature, but it just feels weird to me. Thinking about it, having it being a woman would have been weirder…but funnier.

Man this was fast, Demiurge and the ladies are already planning who is going to be Momonga’s wife and that he needs to have an heir. They even know that there were others before (i.e. the guild members) and that only he stayed until the end. This is starting to feel like “we were watching you from the start but not saying anything” kind of creepy.

Seems like there are some other NPCs left around on that “planet” as the last scene pointed out. I guess this show won’t be all internal monologue and talking to my NPCs servants after all.

By the way, Demiurge is pretty ugly when he uses his wings. A mix between a bat and a frog.

Arslan Senki ep 14

New episode, yeah! We also get a new opening and ending songs. Nothing special, though. This season’s opening/ending songs are kinda flat.

Anyway, anime are much more than music. This episode was pretty good. Narsus shows why he is a strategic genius. Rajendra, second prince of Sindhra, shows why he is not. He also got duped by the gang: we get you the throne, you help us take back Pars. For some reasons, I think that isn’t going to go as planned.

Army sundered by ice
A classic of warfare: the ice trap

In this episode, we also learned that you shouldn’t do a drinking contest against Farangis. She can hold her liquor quite well, that lady.

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