Lunchtime Poll: Last Week of Summer Bucket List

Memorial Day is in one week. What are you still hoping to cross off your summertime to-do list?

I only made it to the pool once and still haven’t gone to the water park, but I might be able to do those next weekend if they’re still open. I also haven’t made it to the Renaissance Festival yet, but it’s been too bloody humid and at least it runs through September so I still have time. (Though I forgot to crochet myself a faux corset so I can be a dork and dress up. Probably don’t have time to do that.)

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One thought on “Lunchtime Poll: Last Week of Summer Bucket List”

  1. I made good progress on the blanket I’m making for my sister’s upcoming baby and I cleaned the nasty space under the cabinets where we keep the trash cans (and I put down liners so I don’t have to do it again!) I also caught up on two seasons of Orphan Black.

    But, I did NOT organize the music/depository of stuff room, clean the creepy laundry room, work on ANY sewing projects, or, according to the dogs, spend enough time petting the dogs.

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