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Just a few more episode until the mid-season, but seems like the drama already started. In Rokka no Yuusha, paranoia reigns with all the Braves wondering who is the fake. In Overlord, Ains and his friend are trying to become low-level adventurers. Finally, in Arslan Senki, a new chapter of Arslan’s adventure begins.

Rokka no Yuusha, Ep 05

There was a lot of talking in this episode. It was mostly a “let’s present the 7 Braves to find the fake one” episode. The end result is that Flamie isn’t fake, despite being a half-fiend created to kill the Braves and herald the coming of the Demon God. We still don’t know why she changed her mind.

Hans is kinda creepy, he thinks he is a cat, saying Nyaa all the time, sporting a tail and making his fitting style based on how cats move. He is an assassin, too, and rather bright.

Chamot is also creepy, but more in the crazy spoiled loli with too much power who is just interested in killing people she doesn’t like.

Maura seems like the most stable of the gang, she also had the key, which means she is the only one who could have opened the door. She comes off as suspicious to me, although I still think the princess of Piena is the guilty party.

Flamie half-fiend/human
Flamie halfness in all its glory…it is creepy.

Next episode should be interesting, everyone think that Aldet is the fake and that he activated the barrier.

Overlord, Ep 05

This show is somewhat a critic of MMOs it seems. Ains complained about the jobs given at the adventurer’s guild. They are all monster hunting for crap money. There is even item farming for money, from the looks of it.

This episode was a setup for what I’m going to call a “second act.” We learned a few things:

This is really an MMO, there are still jerks around, replaced by NPCs jerks, but still jerks. Most adventurers are broke and need to save weeks of money to buy a single healing potions (this is a hardcore game, lol). Also, it seems like all potions are blues, and red healing potions are super rare, expensive and considered legend items. NPCs have talents like “Magic Affinity” and “Use any magical items.” I’m starting to think that the ruleset is based on D&D.

Ains accepted a job to escort a guy, who probably knows about him having super rare healing potions, and we already know that bad guys are going to show up. Clementine is a weird name for a thief who murders for fun.

God Eaters, Ep 04

I think this was skipping a week, I didn’t find the episode anywhere.

Arslan Senki, Ep 17

Gadevi is such a sore loser. Not only did it take a guy out of jail to fight Dayrun in the Dual before the Gods, but he didn’t even accept the verdict and was ready to kill the king and his brother, his father, in front of everyone to get the throne.

Dayrun versus Bahadur was cool though. A mix between David versus Goliath or The Mountain versus the Viper of Game of Thrones (without the poison because Daryun is a real hero).

Arslan getting pissed at Rajendra
Arslan getting pissed, we need more of that

It took Mahendra’s death, the vizier, to calm everyone down and finally get Gadevi stopped. Now the question is what Jaswant and Rhajendra are going to do. The preview is somewhat scary to me.

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