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There is less than a month left for this season. In Rokka no Yuusha, the Braves are walking toward the truth. In Overlord, nothing seems to be able to stop Ainz. In God Eater, the kid survived… barely. Finally, in Arslan Senki, the long march to siege the capital has started. Outside of Overlord, everything seems to have a big clash happening soon.

Rokka no Yuusha, Ep 09

Hans and Aldet make a great team, they defeated Chamot. She’s not dead though, because Adlet is sure she is not the seventh. He also came with another theory as to what happened, but it is destroyed by the saint (Maura for Hans, and Flamie for him). Although, I think that theory is quite close to the truth.

Hans didn’t have much luck convincing Maura that Aldet is not the seventh though, so we should get Maura vs. Aldet next episode. I suspect Flamie and Hans are going to be in team Aldet though.

On her side, Nasha is walking in circles… she can’t seem to make up her mind.

As a note, I personally believe that the opening is quite sinister when it comes to Nasha and I still believe she is the seventh. Hans and Chamo can’t be, they didn’t know about the barrier. Aldet and Flamie were exonerated. Goldov is an idiot. Maura had the key, so no need to fake anything to raise the barrier. That leave Nasha… who actually happened to go crazy on the altar the first time they got in.

Overlord, Ep 09

Overpowered Maid much isn’t it. I’m starting to wonder what kind of monsters they were fighting in their MMOs. A skeletal dragon was immune to all tier six and lower spells, but their game had ten tiers of spells. Narberal, aka Nabe, can cast tier seven.

The bald necromancer summoned two skeletal dragons, because Ainz told Nabe to stick to level five and lower she was stuck fighting them with a sword. She got amazing strength lol. Then Ainz got bored and told her to show the power of their tombs. She one-shot the two dragons and the necromancer. I don’t think she got any XP. I also loved the buffing action, although I’m pretty sure that spells like Shield Wall and Armor don’t stack in D&D.

Narberal Gamma
Nabe’s true form: Narberal Gamma

On his side, Ainz had to deal with Clementine. He let the fight last a little while to learn what are the martial art skills, because he doesn’t have any. In the end, he crushed her to death, she was not happy about it.

Next episode should be interesting, looks like Shalltear rebelled. Probably a “I want to be his lover” quarrel… again.

God Eaters, Ep 06

Well, God Eaters sucks with their God Eaters. This episode had a lot of running and proof that Alisa was always an idiot.

Let’s start with Alisa. When she was a little kid, she decided to go play hide and seek and when some monsters showed up, she stayed hidden, causing her parents to look for her and get eaten… in front of her own eyes. She now has to take drugs to keep the memories away and stop going into a catatonic state in front of Varjas. This happened a lot in this episode. On top of it, she discovered that her clothing choices were not the best for field trips… it gets cold out there.

Next, Lenka is a total gentlemen. He shared his coat and even defended Alisa with a dead God Eater. His weapon is pretty much dead. How we know that, well apparently, a God Eater is going to try to kill anyone who isn’t his master when touched. Charming, really. Lenka is also apparently superhuman or something, he is still walking and fighting despite having been stabbed in the middle of the chest last episode.

Arslan Senki, Ep 21

This was a Gieves-centric episode somewhat.

There is a lot of distrust between all the people gathered around Arslan, so Narsus decide to play a gambit (he does that all the time, so it’s not too surprising). This time his idea is to have Gieves take the brunt of the Lords’ displeasure and have Arslan exile him.

The truth is that Narsus need someone to find someone else and Geives was a good candidate. Especially with the brother of Shapur, who he killed with an arrow in an early episode, being around and easy to piss off. Chances are that the person Gieves is looking for is Kubard, who seems to have decided to join up with Arlsan anyhow… that is, if he can survive Hermes’s bodyguard’s assassins sent after him.

Arslan's army
Arslan’s army, it’s so large , it doesn’t even fit in the screenshot.

Looks like the final will be the battle of Ecbatana. Should be interesting.

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