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We are getting really close to the end of the season. One or two episodes left for each show. Rokka no Yuusha finally had Adlet give a possible explanation for what happened. Sciences triumphed over magic. Overlord has a bit more world building, and Ainz is getting a bit scared because super powerful items are around. Arslan Senki started the final battle and ended on a cliffhanger. Unfortunately, God Eater had another skip. I’m not sure if I’m going to see the end of that show.

Rokka no Yuusha ep 11

So being the Strongest Man in the World actually means being the Luckiest Man in the World. Nasha is very strong, or maybe trying to avoid blades coming at you in different direction is very, very hard.

Maura, Goldov, and Nasha captured Adlet and Flamie, but that didn’t last long. Hans and Chamot, the latter of whom seems to actually trust Adlet finally, showed up right at the right time to show everyone that Hans wasn’t hurt. Then Adlet explained how the fake fog was raised.

First, the people in the fortress were actually working for the fiends and told everyone a fake method to raise the barrier. Second, Riura, the missing Saint of the Sun, was kidnapped by the 7th to raise the temperature in the jungle. Upon death, the temperature dropped rapidly creating condensation and a totally normal fog. All the 7th had to do is go inside the Temple and use the proper activation method afterward.

All the Braves gathered around Adlet
One person in the picture wants to kill everyone else… they are very good at hiding it.

You know what that means; there are only 4 people who could have done it: Adlet, Flamie, Goldov, and Nasha. Maura never tried to activate anything, and the other two were clueless about it. Out of the four, both Adlet and Flamie have been cleared. That leaves Goldov and Nasha. Although, Maura really didn’t help her case with her lies and false accusations.

Overlord ep 11

Lots of talking in this episode. Momon was called by the Adventurer’s guild to investigate the vampire, as expected. Looks like there were two survivors.

There were other adventurers called as well; another one really wanted to go with Momon. He was warned that he would be killed, and Ainz didn’t lie. He killed his party.

The vampire is of course Shalltears; looks like she was put under a mind control spell via a world item. Ainz gets all scared over that. World Items can alter the world and stand above all magic tiers. Of course, Ainz has a few of them in his treasure vault. How many hours of grinding did they spend on that?

God Eaters ep 08

Another episode delayed… sigh.

Arslan Senki ep 23

Lots of cheap fighting scenes in this episode. Arslan has finally attacked the Saint-Emmanuel keep. First with bows and towers, then Xanders, Kharlan’s son, decided to take the cavalry out and basically played straight into Narsus’s hand. Daryun defeated him again, but the magicians, or whatever they are, saved him from the look of it.

On the bad guy side, Etoile discovered where Arslan’s real camp was and decided to go kill him. Let say she was surprised when she saw who Arslan was.

Etoile and Arslan
Etoile realizes that boy is Arslan, poor girl.

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