Weekly Anime Review

The end of the season is here. Rokka no Yuusha had its last episode and it was a pretty good pay-off. Overlord and Arslan Senki both have one more episode to go. I have no idea where God Eater is. Delayed shows are not fun. 

Rokka no Yuusha ep 12

And the Seventh is… exactly who I expected. Not only does she love killing, she’s totally crazy. The Princess wants to make peace with the Demon God and think it will only cost 500 000 dead humans to accomplish, a small number according to her.

Goldov didn’t take it very well, nor did Adlet. I think Flamie was happy. Hans said he was expecting Goldov, and Chamot was just annoyed that someone wanted to kill her. Of course, Maura is the most relieved; she almost ended up dead because everyone else was turning to her.

It is Hans and Chamot that completed the puzzle; they found tables under the Temple with the instructions to activate the barrier. See, the tablet had to be destroyed and then Flamie, Adlet and Goldov realized who broke the tablet…

Although, the Braves have another issue… there are still seven of them. A new one, the Saint of Blood, showed up after the Barrier was taken down. Rolonia, she knows Adlet, she call him Ad-kun. That means there is another traitor or maybe someone brainwashed who doesn’t know they are a traitor. You know, just for variety.

Rolonia, the new 7th Brave
Rolonia, the new 7th Brave. I wonder why she has horns on her helmet…

This was the last episode and if I understood what I read online correctly, it only covered the first volume of this novel series. Hopefully volume two will get animated in a few years.

Overlord ep 12

Well, the fears others had over Ainz fighting Shalltear were not unsupported. She’s overpowered, got regenerative skills, holy powers, fighting skills, crazy weapon and armor, summons, etc. I still don’t understand how a vampire can be a good side holy caster though.

I liked the fight too. Ainz cast a lot of buff at the start. Shalltear just trucked along, though. The exchanges were amusing too; Shalltear is just partially mind-controlled. She needs to fight because she was attacked, but she is all “Ainz-sama”. There was a Sharknado spell too.

The show gets bonus points for using a “Wail of the Banshee” spell. Shalltear failed her Death save, but he had a resurrection item (cheater!).

Ains with a clock backpack
I love the clock thingy.

God Eaters ep 08

And this episode is… somewhere. I suspect I won’t be able to see the end of this.

Arslan Senki ep 24

Etoile, why? You hurt the nice guy, Elam. Although, everyone in that scene seems to have been sleeping on the switch except Elam. Etoile also made a big mistake; she showed Alfreed a secret entrance into the fort. The secret entrance was used to get inside and open the gate.

It’s rather amusing that Narsus doesn’t wear armor and barely seemed phased fighting Sa. Although, it appears that Farangis and Arslan have divine plot armor, so maybe he does too. Daryun doesn’t though, that must have hurt.

The end was rather sad, the Luthisian preferred to kill themselves than surrender. And there is also a misunderstanding of major proportions between Etoile (who is called Estelle in next week’s preview) and Arslan now. She thinks he killed her lord.

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