Celebrity Instagrams You Should Be Following

In an age of social media overload and over-saturation of celebrity culture, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the carefully curated lifestyles of celebrities. We all know Beyoncé’s Instagram will be heavily filtered and edited by a team of image and brand consultants who need to make her life flawless. Luckily there’s a whole slew of celebrities who go the opposite route and post their unfiltered thoughts (for better or worse) on the Internet.

Here are some great celebrities to follow on Instagram.

Lupita Nyong’o

Why: you want to see behind the curtain of the A-list and wondered what was really in those Award Show swag bags. Also, her post-event pictures are so aesthetically pleasing.


Why: because stars really are like us and post videos of Spike being a dick to Harmony in their Buffy rewatch, nearly 15 years since the last episode aired. You should follow Retta on every and all social media platforms, asap.

Samira Wiley

Why: because her selfies all day everyday mean you always get your Poussey fix plus fun behind the scenes videos from Orange is the New Black.

Danielle Brooks

Why: because you need Taystee with Poussey, also because of her amazing body positivity and general affirmation of everything.

Gina Rodriguez

Why: you miss the ship wars of earlier tv shows (i.e. Piz v. Logan, Bill v. Eric), but also want fitspiration with her post-boxing selfies and pre-award show hilarity.

Chelsea Peretti

Why: she is basically Gina Linetti in real life which means a lot of Photoshop hilariousness, onesies and questionable selfies.

Hayley Atwell

Why: because you chose sides on the Dubsmash battle and you are Team Carter.

Rosario Dawson

Why: because she’s like your super liberal political cousin who’s life is way cooler and informed than yours even if half of what she posts are political memes.

Martha Stewart

Why: because you love blurry pictures of food and seeing her weird celebrity meet ups. It’s like if your nana was famous.

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