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The fall season has started. Three of the shows I intend to watch are season second-cour: Fafner Exodus, K: Return of Kings and Owari no Seraph (which hasn’t been broadcast at the moment of writing these lines). The two new, new shows are Heavy Objects and a new Gundam show: Iron-Blooded Orphans. MyAnimelist keeps a list of all simulcasts if someone wants to find an available subbed version for her area.

Fafner Exodus ep 14

It’s back and as awesome as ever! Or as depressing as ever… so many dead people already.

A death flag is finally triggered, we have been waiting since the first episode for it. Cobain without his mask cannot stay alive. RIP Hiroto, you were awesome while you lived, but you failed at the first rule of survival: humans are trash. Indeed, the enemies aren’t just Festum now, but also humans.

There was some nice downtime in this episode and I get the impression that Toumi is the key to “understanding” the Festum, and that Jonathan knows something about it.

Big evil Festum vs the heroes
Big evil Festum vs the heroes

Next episode should be awesome. Soushi and Kazuki are at the rear fighting the big evil Festum from the end of last season, while Toumi and the rest are at the front fighting a few Festum and soon, humans… led by Billy’s big brother. I wonder if he is going to kill his little bro.

Heavy Object ep 01

That was a lot of fanservice at totally pointless times in this. Otherwise, the story seems interesting somehow, in a “War, war never changes” way. The MC is a bit annoying though, too much teenage pathos. He is a commoner who joined the army to learn a trade and become rich (OK, that is not exactly teenage pathos, just weird). His friend Havia isn’t that much better, he seems a bit gung-ho, going hunting with target-seeking bullets for examples. I guess that leaves the Princess as the normal one.

The Objects are pretty interesting though, super armored super weapons, 50 meters large, with lots of cannons and lasers. The one for the protagonists (well, the side the protagonists are on), is called Baby Magnum. It’s a white ball of destruction. Humans found a way to make “clean war” via these big objects. They just throw them at each other and nobody else gets destroyed… technically. I get the feeling that isn’t exactly true, going by the end of the episode.

K: Return of Kings ep 01

I think this had more fanservice than Heavy Object, and the fanservice was even more stupid. Superb animations though, maybe a few too many lens flares and boob wiggles though.

Looks like the Green clan, called Jungle, is doing some malicious things around the city. Annoying the Blue clan (Scepter 4) and pissing off the Red clan (Homra). They also make their pawns play a “gain points for ranks” mini-game that includes killing people. Really charming. Seems like their goal is to get the Silver King out of his hide-out.

But even Kuroh and Neko want to see their king back, so it seems like what is going on is fine to everyone. Sorta. Seems like Blue, Red and Silver clan will hang out together a lot in this series. Which is fine, they all love each other.

Also, the Blue King’s time is running out. He will probably die in the last episode, like Mikoto in the first season. I forgot, Homra has a new King, well, Queen, with Anna. Yep, a little loli of fire.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 01

I’m going to have to re-watch this in slow-mo just to remember everyone’s names. Gargantuan cast is gargantuan. It also went by real fast.

The basic of the plot: a young noble woman causes trouble between Mars colonies and the Earth Sphere after she decide to promote for Mars Independence. She decided to handpick the Third Division kids on Mars to escort her to Earth to make a speech. That’s classic Gundam so far. You know, young noble = princess and all that. Although, it feels a bit like Aldnoah Zero too.

Bad Mobile Suit vs new Gundam
This show has awesome animation so far

The not-so-classic part, well the Third Division is made of orphans that are abused and used as slaves by their superiors. They also run in their mobile workers without a shirt on because of some nerve connector that is implanted in their spine when they join up. They are of course beaten if they cry and if they don’t when the operation happens. They originally didn’t use anesthetic for the operation too. Yep, the show is clear on whom is an asshole and who isn’t.

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