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I am at the point where all I care about is Fafner Exodus and the new Gundam show. Heavy Object, K: Return of Kings, and Owari no Seraph are too “we have a plot, but not really” for me, although Owari no Seraph is mostly failing in the execution there.

Fafner Exodus ep 19

In Fafner, death flags actually mean you will live, right? Because there were hundreds of them in this episode. There wasn’t much battle outside of the start and end of it. Strangely, the best mecha animation was probably Maya, Walker, and Akira chatting in their mech.

Go Maya, talk to Akira before he goes all crazy.
Go Maya, talk to Akira before he goes all crazy.

Maya isn’t doing so well, or maybe she is and it’s just side-effect of a potential SPD. See, she is sleeping in her Fafner’s pod now. She says that everything is okay when she is in her Fafner. Kazuki isn’t too happy about it and is trying, again, to tell her to stop fighting. He kinda also asked her to come back to the island alive with him which sound strangely like what he told Canon in that future. She diverted the subject, though. Emery is aware that Miwa’s mother died, she also needed a hug. Poor kid.

Akira is going crazy, or is he? He is talking to Hiroto via Crossing. Walker, one of the friendly NUNs, thinks he needs a break, so does Maya. I personally think he does talk to Hiroto, especially with what happened later in this episode. He and Maya have a little talk too, unless the subs are totally wrong, he basically tells her he wants to be with her. Poor kid number 2.

Now back to the island. The first plan to free the island was a bust, so they decide to build Canon’s mecha. That took a month, so we got some sped-up stuff here, mostly centered on Kenji and Sakura weeding. Kenji also decide to go back in his mech for the second attempt at freeing the island.

That also didn’t go so well, but someone is back. Koyo is back along with his Vier, and he looks a lot less Festum than in his previous appearance. He, once again, saved someone underwater, Sui this time. Canon also talked to Kenji via Crossing.

Heavy Object ep 06

This episode was very stupid, but it did end somewhat brilliantly.

First, Qwenthur and Havia are men, getting all excited by G-cups that belongs to an Elite called Mini Skirt Santa. I suspect the nickname come from her laugh.

Of course, the Princess isn’t too happy that Qwenthur is showing a bit too much interest in the fake Santa Claus. The guy is dense. Very dense.

This new operation is basically 20 Objects versus an old 0.5 gen owned by the Oceania Military State which seems to have taken over a part of Australia. Seems like the whole thing is more about getting a dude re-elected than anything else, though.

K: Return of Kings ep 06

This episode was much more interesting than the last.

It started with Hagare, the Green King, outlining his plan to steal the Dresden Slate. Of course, neither Goto or Yakari listened much. The first one was too busy playing a video game and the other was making himself pretty so he could be elegant and beautiful on the battlefield (it is a dude!).

On the Silver, Blue and Red side, Shiro has a plan to protect the Slate and explain it to everyone else. It is rather simple: slow down Goto and Yakari and split them. Then have the three Kings deal with the Green King, who appears to be super powerful.

Of course that doesn’t got exactly as planned. Goto and Yakari are crazy powerful and, while they get split, they don’t end up facing the right group. That means Kuro has an easy time against Goto, but the Reds end up facing Yakari… well, more like running away from him.

Next episode: Hagare versus Anna and Reisi.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 06

This was an exposition-heavy episode, in a good way.

We learned that there was 72 Gundam made in the Calamity Wars 300 years ago and that four economic blocks divided themselves between Earth and the space of the Solar system.

Orga decided that they should go to Jupiter to get someone to bring them to Earth. They want to contact a company called Teiwaz who seems to have a bad reputation, but he doesn’t have any contacts.

Kudelia started to teach how to write and read, her “handmaiden” is still suspicious as hell and took over the comms (that’s bad, I suspect) and we learned a bit more about Orga and Mikazuki. Seems like Orga has huge peer pressure from Mikazuki, he thinks he has to be has cool and a guy with a plan all the time. Mizazuki’s wish is to own a farm like Biscuit’s grandmother. That was somewhat unexpected.

Look a spaceship! I love spaceships :3
Look a spaceship! I love spaceships :3

The episode ended with the former boss of the kids coming back to get his ship back. I thought he died in the second episode.

Owari no Seraph s2 ep 05

Yu is still an idiot. I think I write that every episode.

The demon army, under Guren, is planning on killing eight noble vampires at the exact same time. That technically leaves two free, because there are supposedly ten in the area. They are supposed to have three teams per target, but Shinoa only has one back up and they don’t seem to get along that well.

Yoichi is getting last-minute sniper training. I guess he is lucky to even have training from Shinya, but he looks really out-of-place as the cold-hearted killer. Poor Yoichi, he’s much better at support fire.

Also, why are the noble vampires so much more interesting than the humans in term of personality, but so awful in term of looks?

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