Social Justice Superheroine: Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino, aka Serena, aka Sailor Moon, aka The Moon Princess, has enough aliases to be a rap superstar. Girlfriend also has a huge posse filled with gallant gals who will totally throw down if you look at her sideways. Don’t get it twisted, though. Sailor Moon is a social justice superstar of love and justice.

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Dudes Have Feelings and Blow Stuff Up: A Review of Chronicle

Essentially, Chronicle is a movie about three dudes in high school who get superpowers. These dudes aren’t particularly close friends prior to a strange, underground organism giving them telekinesis. Their friendship blossoms out of the unique experience. Seriously though, when with a tiny group of people, and some ridiculous shit goes down that group can’t really tell everyone about? Bonds tend to form.

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The Lack Thereof: Offsetting Ignorance with Love

Two years ago, I got this totally bitchin’ tattoo that I really love. It is a quote of something a drama teacher once said to my class. He was explaining motivation in scenes. From a passionate love scene to talking in a commercial about toothpaste, everyone has some form of motivation for doing what they’re doing. He simplified the various levels of this motivation by saying, “Everything in life happens because of Love or the lack there of.”

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I Propose a Revolution of Religion!

I’m a person who checks, “Spiritual but not religious,” on the forms where there’s a red asterisk next to, “Religion.” I try to avoid getting too deep into my belief structure with other people. Mostly because there is no structure and it’s kind of something I made up as I went along. I believe in treating people fairly, respecting other human beings, and that to some degree, love and kindness are the solutions to most problems human beings encounter. That’s why I’ve got a slight issue with the concept organized religion.

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I Watched It So You Don’t Have to: New Year’s Eve

I should start off by sharing a couple of details about New Year’s Eve, my state of mind while watching it and the resulting review. First, I knew this movie was going to be a steaming colostomy bag of empty dreams before watching it. Second, I was deep into the throes of PMS
when I watched this film. My Pre-/Post-/Present menstrual syndrome is intense and effects me mentally, physically, spiritually and metaphysically. I also drank a couple of beers while watching it.

Birthday Life Makeovers and New Age Stuff for 2012

Since we’re heading into 2012, which is supposed to be all about change, Mayans and maybe (r)evolution, I figured the incoming new year is a perfect opportunity to talk about some of the life-changing techniques I’ve learned from other members of the majority gender.

Capes and Scarves: A Winter Accessory Extravaganza

Winter fashion for the majority gender (that’s what we are, let’s embrace it) finally seems to have reached an apex of equal parts cute and functional. For years, we have been forced to trifle with cute, yet mostly nonfunctional, winter things that often left extremities, necks and butt cheeks freezing. Finally, it seems as though a worthwhile variety of seasonal fashion accessories are being produced to keep us almost as warm as winter accessories designed for men. Read More Capes and Scarves: A Winter Accessory Extravaganza