We Try It: Duolingo

Being Hispanic (we can debate the term later), does not automatically guarantee certain characteristics that are associated with the group. You can be culturally Hispanic, but you can be pretty pale. You can be raised in a city that is at least sixty percent Hispanic with parents who speak Spanish fluently, but still not be able to speak Spanish yourself. Read More We Try It: Duolingo

Why “Kung Fu Panda” Rules: A Movie Review

I still remember when the promos for the movie Kung Fu Panda came out. I was sitting in the movie theater with my parents, probably a year before the release. I was around thirteen years old and was just hitting my stride of jaded teenager who snorted at the thought of seeing anything goofy or obviously for little kids (I liked these movies, I was just determined to act otherwise). Then the advertisement came on. Read More Why “Kung Fu Panda” Rules: A Movie Review

The Death of Bunheads

Does anyone remember Bunheads? It was this quirky little show about ballerinas by Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls) that I remember actually first made me want to write for Persephone. I saw the many television show recaps through Persephone that drew together fans of shows and had great conversations and I wanted to do that too. Alas, by the time the opportunity to write for Persephone came around, Bunheads was already in sad limbo, and the future looked dark. Read More The Death of Bunheads

Glasses, I Do Love Thee

My dad has glasses, and growing up I never really understood the stigma of glasses. I never encountered it truly, except for one episode of Arthur when Arthur the Aardvark got glasses and everyone called him “four eyes.” But I do remember when I started to need glasses. When I figured it out, I kept quiet – I didn’t want to be a dork. Read More Glasses, I Do Love Thee

World War Z Reviewed

Several years ago, I was told to read World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks because I was a huge fan of zombies. Also, because the book has apparently good writing. The book did me justice, and I soon found out that a movie was in the works and I was thrilled. So, the movie is out, the reviews are in, and a lot of people disagree. Read More World War Z Reviewed

Free Milk

The other night, my father, brother, and myself attended the premiere of the excellent movie World War Z. It was a good choice, because the theater was pretty dead due to the NBA Finals (seriously), and we had all read the book and are major zombie fans. We had to see it. That movie by the way, was fantastic. But what almost stands out completely in my mind is the free milk I received. Which is fairly ridiculous, considering that the movie was the big deal. All the same”¦ Read More Free Milk