Starting “Breaking Bad” at the End

I’ve never been able to watch an entire season of a show over the span of a few days, because my eyes start to cross and I get antsy (I think my limit is three or four hour-long episodes in a row). However, I am finally jumping on the Breaking Bad bandwagon after years of everyone telling me how wonderful it is. I want to catch up before the final episodes start to air this Sunday, which means I need to basically give up on sleep and life to get through it in time.  Continue reading

Do We Still Need the VMAs?

For years now, MTV hasn’t aired music videos the way they used to in the early days, or even in the 1990s. Even when the channel aired just a few reality shows (The Real World and Road Rules), I remember videos airing in the morning, and of course during TRL and some countdown show with Simon Rex. Although the same videos would get played for weeks at a time (I distinctly remember 2Pac and Dr. Dre’s “California Love” being on heavy rotation), at least they saw the light of day.  Continue reading

We Need More Suspenseful Television

Last week, I wrote about the Writers Guild of America’s list of the 101 best-written television shows. I agreed with much of the list, especially the inclusion of The Twilight Zone. Realizing that I hadn’t watched an episode in a very long time, I fell into the rabbit hole that is Wikipedia and YouTube the other day while I was home sick from work, looking up my favorite episodes on Wikipedia to get more info, and then turning to YouTube for clips.  Continue reading

When TV Shows Get a Little Too Real

One of my favorite shows, Southland, aired its finale a few weeks ago. Following various LAPD officers and detectives as they do their jobs, it was dropped by NBC after its first season because it was “too gritty” for a network. It really has blossomed over on TNT, where the cops can swear and not get bleeped, blood can be shown after a suspect gets shot, etc. Continue reading

TV’s Greatest Graduations

I work at a university in the communications department, which means this week I will be spending several hours covering different graduation ceremonies. This is the first year the school is holding commencement exercises in April – which is super, super early – but it’s exciting for the seniors, who are ready to get out into the real world.  Continue reading