Roller Derby: I Passed!

So it appears in my last post that I was wrong. I said that I did not expect to pass the Fresh Meat course as I was having trouble getting the basics down. I’ve discussed over the last few weeks how I’ve struggled with crossovers and said that the requirement to do 17 laps in five minutes is one of the hardest physical challenges I have ever done. Well, I somehow did them all to a required level and passed Fresh Meat! Read More Roller Derby: I Passed!

Roller Derby: Mastering Those Skills (Or Not)

So Weeks Four and Five of fresh meat are done. I’m coming to the tail end of my first fresh meat course. I have a perma-bruise on my right thigh that I keep swearing at because while it is there and sore, it will not go purple and gnarly. For some perverse reason I want a battle wound to show off! Read More Roller Derby: Mastering Those Skills (Or Not)

Roller Derby: The Beginning

On Sunday, I strapped eight wheels to my feet and attempted to stand up. Yes that’s right, I am attempting to become a derby girl. I should say from the outset that I am really a terra firma girl. Skis and I never got on well, and as I got older, ice skating just got harder. However, roller derby has sucked me in and I am determined to give it a good shot, even if it does involve me trying to move around on eight wheels. Read More Roller Derby: The Beginning

What I Watched Last Night: When The Hosts Are Dicks

Most evenings, Mr. Cesy and I snuggle into bed, pull out a laptop and watch something before going to sleep (sssh, I know this bad but it works for us!). We’re huge fans of food shows and British shows. At the moment, the favourites on our night time rotation are Good Eats and Top Gear. Read More What I Watched Last Night: When The Hosts Are Dicks

New Zealand: A Crash Course

Today I’m following in the lovely Juniper’s footsteps and providing a crash course on New Zealand. I know a lot of Persephoneers have expressed an interest in visiting New Zealand one day, so here are a few things that are handy to know.

Read More New Zealand: A Crash Course