Fashion Timeline (Europe in the Fifteenth Century)

Europe in the 1400s, the period just before the Renaissance, just after Medieval period. Dressing still defines status, from serfs at the bottom of the pyramid, peasants, lords, nobility, clergy and royalty. It seems like a lot of fairy tales probably are perhaps set in (or near) this time period. Read More Fashion Timeline (Europe in the Fifteenth Century)

DIY: Chevron Madness

I have been obsessing over chevron patterns for the past couple of months, but other than pinning pillows I like over on Pinterest, I just couldn’t figure out a way to incorporate the sassy zigzags into my house without adding more furniture. Enter the Seussically-coloured armoire in need of a makeover (previously a bright purple with grey/blue framing), and its makeover back to white and a terrible attempt at glazing (I wanted to give it that “antiqued” look, but it went soooooo wrong!). Needless to say, I won’t subject your poor doe eyes to that atrocity, but instead regale you with my three-day, 8-hour endeavor into the chevron armoire makeover! Read More DIY: Chevron Madness