From Diapers to Thongs: Discuss

On March 18, 2013, I found an article in my inbox sent by a colleague with the note, “YOU HAVE to blog about this!!” The piece, “Victoria’s Secret is coming for your Middle Schooler,” was written by Amy Gerwing and posted on the website, The Black Sphere. Read More From Diapers to Thongs: Discuss

Why IS This Night Different from all Other Nights? (Or Is It?)

Passover is one of the many Jewish holidays that is celebrated with a ritual feast. A feast filled with symbolic foods and a prescribed schedule for when to eat these foods. Depending upon how observant the participants are, there is a wide range of recipes for the ritual readings at a Passover Seder. Read More Why IS This Night Different from all Other Nights? (Or Is It?)

Dear Michelle, It’s Me Again!

Just over two years ago, I wrote a piece about Michelle Obama’s “”Let’s Move”” Campaign. It challenged the First Lady’s use of the “obesity crisis,” fat shaming, and fat phobia as motivators to get kid’s moving in healthy ways and eating healthier diets. Read More Dear Michelle, It’s Me Again!


I just returned from presenting at the BEDA conference in Bethesda, Maryland. For those of you who are unfamiliar with BEDA, it is the Binge Eating Disorders Association and was founded by Chevese Turner in June, 2008 with the organization’s vision being: Read More BEDAzzled!

The Circle Game*

And the seasons they go round and round”¦

As Spring approaches, I find myself thinking about the cyclical nature of life. This isn’t very deep or profound; the circular pattern of the seasons is a topic of contemplation, poetry, and prose with a long history. Depending on my frame of mind, this repetition, or redundancy can trigger feelings of despair, stagnancy, being stuck in patterns that just won’t move… just won’t budge. Considering that Spring is supposed to be about new beginnings, Spring cleaning and fresh starts, adds additional pressure to someone, like myself, trying to be patient with incremental change. Read More The Circle Game*

Fashion Weak

Every February, New York City hosts an international extravaganza of fashion. Year after year, despite an increasing amount of public protest and outrage about the lack of size diversity among the models, the images associated with Fashion Week remain unchanged. Read More Fashion Weak