Superhero Sexism: Damsel in Distress Undies and Pink Wonder Woman

Summertime is superhero season. The blockbusters hit the theaters, themed birthday parties are thrown, and merchandise is everywhere. If you happen to be a girl, your superhero-themed merchandise is limited to female characters. If you’re lucky, you get access to all characters, but they’re covered in pink or glitter or shiny and come in a cute, babydoll fit. Unless you’re at Target. Then you get PINK Wonder Woman and Damsel in Distress Avengers underwear. I’ll wait a minute for you to finish rage-flailing. Continue reading

Shocker (Not): Women Like Game of Thrones

After last Sunday’s episode, I’m sure some of us are wishing that we didn’t watch Game of Thrones. There’s nothing quite like having your heart ripped out by your favorite television show, is there?  It turns out that women love the cleverness and brutality of GoT, complete with all of its heart-ripping, throat-slitting goodness, just as much as men. Whoever could have imagined that dudeliness was a prerequisite for viewing? Oh right, dudes. Continue reading

The El Salvadoran Government is Killing Beatriz

Just months after the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, another young woman is set to die from anti-choice policies. After weeks of fighting for the abortion that would save her life, a woman going only by the name of Beatriz was denied the procedure by the El Salvadoran Supreme Court on Wednesday of this week. Savita’s death can be written off by some as mistake or a medical tragedy rather than institutional misogyny, but if Beatriz dies, it will be at the hands of El Salvador’s courts.
Continue reading

P-Mag Nostalgia Project: 2004 with Elfity

The end is here! Yes, we’ve finally hit the bottom of the Persephone Magazine writer barrel, at least age wise. I, Elfity, am here to bring you the glories (kind of) of the year 2004, as seen through my barely-teenaged eyes. I should mention that I was actually 14 for the majority of 2004 rather than 13. It doesn’t seem to matter now, but 14-year-old me probably would have had a fit if you had told her that. Anyway, onto the tops! Continue reading

Silence isn’t Sexy: A Response to The Atlantic

When I get up in front of a room full of teenagers and tell them that consent is sexy, I mean it. I’m not telling them that just to get some hippie feminist agenda across. I’m not telling them that because it’s the trendy, politically correct line in the wake of Steubenville and the military sexual assault epidemic. I’m telling them that because it’s true. Consent is sexy. Talking about sex is sexy. You know what isn’t sexy? Rape. It turns out that rape is only sexy to rapists. [TRIGGER WARNING for discussion of rape and sexual assault] Continue reading

Feminist Insecurities: Style Edition

I wish I could say that I was bold enough to be that feminist who doesn’t give a damn what people think. I wish I could be that proud woman who wears exactly what she wants, no matter how society says she looks, who ignores the stares or the raised eyebrows. I wish I could stop imagining the judgmental glances where there are none. Is the secure, confident, wear-whatever-you-want feminist just a myth of popular blogs, zines, and Tumblr? Continue reading

Elizabeth Smart Proves that Abstinence Education is the Worst Thing Ever

[TRIGGER WARNING for rape and sexual assault] 

Dirty. Filthy. A chewed piece of gum. These are words used by Elizabeth Smart to describe how she felt after being kidnapped, held captive, and raped for nearly a year back in 2002. These are some of the reasons that kept her from fleeing the moment she got the opportunity. Where would she get such ideas? Abstinence-only education, of course! Continue reading

On Being a Feminist Activist with PTSD

[TRIGGER WARNING for sexual assault, domestic violence, and bullying.]

Being an activist is hard work even for the healthiest, most well-adjusted soul. Being a feminist activist is especially difficult given the number of threatening, misogynist messages we get on a daily basis from just about everywhere. But being a feminist activist with disabilities? Now that’s a challenge. Continue reading