Leaving My Feminist Ivory Tower

It’s official, I’ve left my ivory tower of feminism. In a way, I’ve been on my way out for years, volunteering at rape crisis centers and women’s clinics and lobbying at the Capital. Those were all situations I could walk away from, places I could go home from at the end of a shift and never deal with again. But now I can’t just compartmentalize this applied feminism, put it on a shelf and deal with it when I want to, because I’ve made it my job. Continue reading

Women Finally Get Some Attention in the Presidential Debates (Plus, BINDERS!)

Looks like our complaining a few weeks ago finally got us somewhere! Not only did we get some love from Joe Biden at last week’s vice presidential debate, we got a whole new meme from this week’s standoff between former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. But like any nitpicking, want-it-all feminist, it’s still not enough. Continue reading

Forgetting the Ladies at the First Presidential Debate of the Season

As usual, ladies and other vagina-owners got the short end of it in popular politics Wednesday night. Not that I was expecting all that much from our dudely candidates and their moderator, but something might have been nice! If anyone was watching with the hopes of seeing the President take Mittens down a notch on reproductive rights or civil rights for women, they were sorely disappointed. And being sorely disappointed, I am doing what others of my kind have done for years – I’m going to the Internet to complain! Continue reading

Guttmacher Study Confirms What We Already Know About Birth Control

The Guttmacher Institue, the nation’s leading authority of reproductive health and rights, released one of their famous studies this week and confirmed what we already know. According to the study, women believe that the use of birth control allows them to achieve their life goals and has had a positive impact on the way they live their lives.  When presented with the results of this recent Guttmacher Institute study, I imagine most birth control-using women would be like, “Yeah, and?” Really, to all of us who pop the no-baby pills or get shots or use rings or whatever, this isn’t news. Why do you think most women are using this in the first place?  They’re using it either to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, alleviate symptoms of various disorders, or a combination of the two, both of which are likely to have positive impacts. Because, you know, most people don’t like being in pain or having a baby they didn’t want. Continue reading

Is Ms. vs. Miss vs. Mrs. Still an Issue?

Or it as big of a deal as it used to be? Do people even think about this anymore? Prior to a few weeks ago, I’d considered this issue to be a thing of the past, something our mothers or grandmothers had to consider. I don’t know if it was a lack of attention to the topic or just a lack of anything to pay attention to, but I’d always considered the Ms./Mrs./Miss debate to be a thing of the past. Everyone was Ms. unless they expressed a preference for one of the alternatives, and I assumed everyone else operated under the same rules. Now that I’m working in a school, however, I’ve suddenly become very aware of it, and I’m asking myself if the issue has been dead for so long that it has gotten restless in its grave and decided to come plague your resident feminist. Continue reading

We Try It: Benefit They’re Real! Mascara

I’m not a mascara girl. I guess it has something to do with having those little black mascara flakes find their way underneath my contact lenses one too many times.  Though really, that’s one of those things where just one time is enough to make you swear off eye makeup forever. Ouch. Anyway, I keep a tube of my trusty DiorShow Blackout on hand for big nights out and red-lips, bare-eyes days. But this isn’t about DiorShow. Fabulous as Dior may be, this is about my new best friend: Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Mascara. Continue reading

Feminism Hero Sandra Fluke’s Amazing DNC Speech

Confession: I missed most of Sandra Fluke’s speech when it aired Wednesday night (I was on an evening slushie run). Fortunately, I have DVR and the interwebs to help me out, and I’ve already watched it twice. Both times, I got teary eyed, because this woman is just so awesome. Many of you may remember her from earlier this year, when she gave testimony to House Democrats on the religious exemption to the birth mandate of the Affordable Care Act and was subsequently attacked by conservative D-Bag extraordinaire Rush Limbaugh. Continue reading