Screw Your Swimsuit Standards

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but summer is here! That blazing heat and shining sun can only mean that summer is in progress (unless you’re in Texas, where such whether can occur from March to December). And for the womenfolk, summer means a barrage of bikini sales advertisements and all their accompanying propaganda! Continue reading

I Don’t Wanna Be Sedated: The Fear of Going Under

Last week, I had six teeth yanked (or cut!) out of my mouth. I’ll wait for you to stop screaming. Finshed? Alright, so as I was saying, I had major oral surgery last week. The whole thing was quite a surprise, really. I knew that my wisdom teeth, of which I had the misfortune to house SIX of rather than the typical four or fewer, were going to have to come out eventaully, lest they stage mouth mutiny and push all my other teeth out. I was planning on having them removed in a few months’ time, when I was on the second half of my summer break, but a pesky infection made it necessary for me to have what was essentially emergency surgery. Continue reading

We Try It: Essie Grow Stronger Fortifying Nail Treatment

I’ve always had an issue with biting my nails. I say biting, but what I actually mean is that I have a history of inflicting such brutalities upon my fingertips that you would shudder to know of them. Biting, picking, ripping: I’ve done it all. The destruction is the result of a condition known as dermatillomania, a facet of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in which one is compelled to pick at one’s own skin. Yeah, it’s gruesome stuff. A little over a year ago, I made the decision to stop that behavior as it relates to my fingernails, though the fact that it is a mental condition meant that the behavior simply shifted elsewhere. When I finally ended the reign of terror inflicted upon my aching, bloody fingertips, I realized that I must have shocked my poor nails into weakness, because they were incredibly thin.  Continue reading

What’s This? Proposed Legislation Actually Supports Women

Woman-friendly legislation and some gay marriage support all in the same week? Am I still living in the same country?! Hopefully, because my optimism meter is actually starting to look less empty. This week, Democratic representatives introduced legislation that would actually support pregnant women. And do we ever need it! The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act would ensure that preganant women are not refused reasonable job modifications that would allow them to keep their jobs, and would keep them from being forced out of their jobs. Additionally, the bill would bar employers from withholding job opportunities from women based on accommodations needed for “pregnancy, childbirth, or  related conditions,” according to sponsor Jerrold Nadler, a Congressman from New York. Hooray for anti-discrimination!

Continue reading

Why Do People Hate the Concept of Enthusiastic Consent?

[TRIGGER WARNING: This post contains potentially triggering material related to sexual assault and consent.]

For the past several months, my academic research has been focused on sexual violence prevention and healthy sexual relationships. Yes, it’s a little depressing to read sky-high statistics and rape myths all day long, but I love what I do. Last month I attended a conference and presented on consent in healthy relationships to a bunch of mostly college-age feminists. A few days ago I did a class presentation on a similar topic, and next week I will be giving the same presentation for a research symposium. Based on the first two experiences, I’m not exactly looking forward to the next one. Why? Well, people seem to have a problem with that whole enthusiastic consent thing. Continue reading

We Try It!: Fitness Program

I was initially hesitant to write this given how subjective exercise is. I think many of us realize by now, either from activism, experience, or both, that not everything works for everyone. We’ve all got different bodies, different metabolisms, and different comfort levels, and we all have to find what works best for us. But then, the only way to figure out if something works is to try it, if you’re so inclined. Now, with all of that out of the way, I can start expressing my love for the online fitness program. Continue reading

I Do Not Turn Off My Feminism

“Why do you have to make such a big deal out of everything?”

If you’re a feminist, you probably get this a lot. If you haven’t yet, just wait. It’s coming, I guarantee it. Really, it’s gotten to the point where I keep my social circle very tightly closed (Elfity-speak for “I have no friends”) because I am so sick of dealing with this. Yes, I do have to make a big deal out of everything. Why? Because nobody else is, and feminist issues are important. Continue reading