Volunteering at the Farm

Turns out, Pippi Longstocking inspires the strangest people. For January, I’ve been staying and helping out in a small farm in Ontario, Canada that looks like Pippi was at the very least involved with the building of it. The owner and his tenants could definitely be the “Where Are They Now?” of the stories from Astrid Lindgren.
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The Self Discipline is a Lie

I think I thought of the subject for this article about four months ago. Maybe more. And even while writing this right now (an hour away from being allowed to go home on a work day so slow that it’s hard to not nod off), I’m clicking through tabs instead of finishing the paragraph. I may have a problem.

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Please Leave Your Vagina Alone

Usually I can easily ignore the rambling of “Nature’s Children” like Shailene Woodley, Gwyneth Paltrow and the like. But after GOOP/Paltrow’s tip about steaming your vagina, well, I steamed all right. From my ears.

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Persephone Travels: Curacao

In a maddening (“maddening”) situation of “someone has to do it,” I spent half of January on the island of Curacao (Dutch Antilles, not Cuba, etc). Mister Freckle and I thought it was a nice half way meeting point between the US and the Netherlands, the amazing island itself came later into the decision.

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Delayed Gratification Works for Me

Sesame Street continues to have amazing points about how to live your life. Tom Hiddleston and Cookie Monster were on to something when it comes to delayed gratification. Read More Delayed Gratification Works for Me