(Straight) Girls’ Night: Biphobia in Sex and the City

I wasn’t expecting to feel so vulnerable that night. The five of us were enjoying a “girls’ night”: on this occasion, a pajama-clad Sex and the City marathon. Though I find this show extremely problematic in terms of gender and racial representation–and especially in the equation of consumerism with feminist empowerment–I didn’t feel especially targeted until I watched the episode “Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl…” that evening. Read More (Straight) Girls’ Night: Biphobia in Sex and the City

Bring Back Baker Street

2012 is a harbinger of so many things– part one of The Hobbit, the beginning of my graduate school education (hopefully), Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, and, of course, the end of the world. I could do without that last bit, but if it has to happen it damn well better be after I watch the second season of the BBC’s Sherlock.

Do you remember that time that your friend told you to watch something and you were all like, meh, and then you watched it and all you could say for the next five minutes was nnnghh? Well, replace “friend” with “someone’s tumblr” and you’ll get both an approximate image of my reaction to this fine piece of filmmaking and a peek into my lack of anything resembling a social life! Read More Bring Back Baker Street

The Subversive Act of Writing Fanfiction

I’d wager that a lot of us were fans before we had even heard of such a thing. You might have been one, too. I wouldn’t be surprised. Read More The Subversive Act of Writing Fanfiction


Thanks to legislation signed by Governor Jerry Brown, public schools in California are now required to include the roles LGBT individuals have played in U.S. history. While this is groundbreaking legislation, are laws like these addressing the problem, or merely the symptom? Read More IndoctriNation