Guilty Pleasures: My Ghost Story

In the near future, some of us at Persephone are going to be sharing our guilty pleasures with you. Why? Well, why not? Since this week has been a little heavy around here (bullying, cancer, evil corn refiners), I thought I’d jump in on this Friday and let you know one of my favorites. It’s called “My Ghost Story,” and it seems to be the only thing the Biography Channel runs other than survival stories of people chewing off their own arms, and overly fawning profiles of celebrities.* Do I suggest that you immediately add it to your DVR? Yes. Yes I do. Read More Guilty Pleasures: My Ghost Story

Hostessing with the Mostessing

Throwing parties is the best. I started off my adult life with no hostessing skills at all beyond muttering “keg’s on the back porch.” But after learning from a few missteps and reading up a bit on hospitality, I think I’ve started to get the hang of it. While I have learned to love smaller dinner parties and shindigs, for me nothing compares to throwing a big party. However, most of my hostessing tips can be applied to parties of all sizes. Read More Hostessing with the Mostessing

When Bullies Don’t Grow Up: Workplace Bullying

In my post yesterday, I discussed how some recent interactions with former high school bullies helped me reach the surprising conclusion that some of my former tormentors are now mature, successful, even nice people. But it got me thinking about bullies who don’t grow out of it: what happens to them? Who are their targets later in life? And the answer appears to be that lifelong bullies find their new targets at work. Read More When Bullies Don’t Grow Up: Workplace Bullying

Kiss my Arsenal: The Joy of Cooking

So, as you join me on this little culinary journey I’m on, I thought I’d share you some of the tools I’ve been using. Since I’m immature and not terribly original, I’m calling it “Kiss My Arsenal.” First up is the little book that has helped me get going in the first place: Joy of Cooking. Read More Kiss my Arsenal: The Joy of Cooking

When Bullies Grow Up

So, who had (or will have) a 10-year high school reunion this year? I was a member of the class of 2000, a bit of trivia that was burned into my brain at a young age. I remember my kindergarten teacher telling us as a group that we were going to graduate in the year 2000, and the date seemed so impossibly futuristic to me. I couldn’t wait to finish high school, and drive off in my flying car to the next adventure. Read More When Bullies Grow Up

How I Learned To Stop BSing and Start Cooking

So, I’m a woman in possession of a fully-functioning brain. This sexy brain of mine had refused to acknowledge the activity of “cooking” for an extremely long time. Then, about six months ago, two things happened. Read More How I Learned To Stop BSing and Start Cooking