Prepping Away from Home

I’m still trapped in an extended stay hotel for another week, so I want to touch on what it’s like trying to be prepared while on the other side of the country from my home. I was legit nervous about the government shutdown, unpaid airtraffic workers, and the prospect of me being stuck here until the shutdown ended. Continue reading

Border Wars: Battle of the Bunnies

As I’m still in my reader request mode, this week we’re focusing on bunnies and how to keep those adorable little bastards out of your garden. Since I actually have three rescue rabbits and have fostered more in the past, bunnies are a subject I actually know a weird amount about. (Wanna talk about rabbit social hierarchy systems in regards to grooming? I’m your weirdo.) Continue reading

Reader Request: Things Get Spicy

I am the poster child for what not to do when it comes to keeping your hard-grown (or hard-bought) spices fresh. I chronically leave them open, out on my sunny countertop, and the cupboard I keep them in is directly above my stovetop, and some I keep on a small shelf EVEN CLOSER to my stovetop. I am really shitty at spice storage. Oh, and it’s all thrown together with absolutely no organization. And I have stuff that’s been here since before my fiancé moved in…maybe four years old? Continue reading

Going Corporate: Plants in the Workplace and Plants for Allergy Sufferers

I used to work at a hospital as a receptionist. Part of my job duties included delivering the flowers and plants people brought for their loved ones, and it was always something I looked forward to and enjoyed doing. I was the bearer of good news, and it was a nice change from setting up the conference room for families to grieve in after a death. Continue reading