No Two Are the Same

I’ve started this blog post two or three times and haven’t written it yet. Articulating my thoughts on this topic is often hard, because when you’re writing about things you’ve experienced first hand, it’s difficult to sound objective.

[Trigger warning for discussion of domestic violence.] Read More No Two Are the Same

A Lesson Learned

I am a news-follower. I’m that person who flips on CNN or MSNBC the moment “breaking news” happens and stays glued to my television for hours on end, catching up on the latest developments of a breaking news story. I have a hard time disengaging – I continue to watch long past the point of wanting to, even when I need turn off the TV and think of something else for the sake of my own well-being. I find it impossible. Update after update, interview after interview, careless speculation, media spin…some call it Tragedy Porn, and I find that to be an apt description. Even still, I can’t turn away. Read More A Lesson Learned

How Success is Measured

I recently found myself despairing pretty hardcore over the state of my finances and lamenting the fact that I haven’t managed to meet all my personal and career goals in the time I had set for myself many years ago. I had always just assumed that I would be a successful writer by the age of 30, having written at least one novel, and able to support myself comfortably through either writing, or through one of the other various avenues in which I boast qualifications. I assumed I would be living in a house I owned, managing to write and raise my son, enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. Well, here I am, at 31 years of age, quite unable to support myself through writing, and quite frankly, struggling to make ends meet on the daily. Any hopes of becoming “successful” by the age of 30 have long since been dashed, and with the holidays approaching, and the hole in my wallet growing ever deeper, it has become easy to wallow in the depths of self loathing and self pity. Read More How Success is Measured

On Food and Bonding

As a person who sometimes suffers from severe social anxiety, I often have a hard time finding common ground with people. I’m the awkward person off in the corner, biting the inside of my mouth and trying to find an in into the conversation. Read More On Food and Bonding

The Genealogy Beat

Genealogy is one of my main passions in life. I’ve written about this very topic for Persephone before. When I hear people talk about how they’d like to trace back their ancestors, I get incredibly excited. Read More The Genealogy Beat

A Quiche To Rule Them All

A few days ago, I was standing in my kitchen, seriously lacking in inspiration as to what to make for dinner. I knew I wanted something breakfasty, but I also wanted mexican, which I could eat eight days a week. I love to cook, and I really enjoy getting creative in the kitchen. Sometimes that love of creativity takes me to strange places. So I decided to make a quiche, but with a mexican flair. Then I remembered that I had a bowl of leftover roasted root veggies cooling it in the fridge that should also be used up. So I decided to go ahead and incorporate those in, too. I’m nothing if not efficient.

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Badass Ladies of History (Black History Month): Ma Rainey

Gertrude Pridgett “Ma” Rainey is considered by many to be the Mother of the Blues. The Georgia-based African American singer became well known for her soulful, moaning vocals on many blues records in the 1920s, and she paved the way for other artists such as Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday.

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The Funny And Frenzied Life of a Toddler

I once heard someone describe toddlers as little drunk people, and I think it fits. If you’ve ever known a toddler and seen them barrel through life on wobbly legs, always a little too loud, speaking in unintelligible grunts and seemingly made up words, crashing into things, and generally being a charming wrecking ball wherever they go, you know what I mean. Toddlers are like mini versions of drunk people. Read More The Funny And Frenzied Life of a Toddler