Thoughts on a Pair of Beaded Earrings

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I love these earrings, but wearing them comes with some thinking. Once upon a time I wouldn’t have thought so much, but with the baffling continuation of hipster headdresses, Spirit Hoods and J. Crew decorating their store windows with tipis, I’m cautious.

KatieThoughts on a Pair of Beaded Earrings

Crosspost: The Archaeology of Invisible Colors

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It was Ms. Plum, on the veranda, with the cute shoes. Join Interrobang Katie on a purple fashion adventure after the cut, in a post which originally appeared on that Apex of Awesome, Interrobangs Anonymous.

KatieCrosspost: The Archaeology of Invisible Colors

Recipe: Meatballs with Secret Vegetables

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Books like Deceptively Delicious have popularized “hiding” fruits and vegetables in foods to get your picky kids to eat healthy foods. These techniques are no surprise to me ““ I’ve been doing them for years. Not for picky children, but for myself.

KatieRecipe: Meatballs with Secret Vegetables

Late ’90s Pop Trends I’m Secretly Nostalgic For*

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Disclaimer: I am not saying any of these trends were ever actually good, but they do warm the cockles of my adolescent heart. And if you want to bring bulletproof-style vests (a la B4-4) back, who I am to judge?

KatieLate ’90s Pop Trends I’m Secretly Nostalgic For*

Body Positive Narrative on ABC Family

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When I was finishing my master’s thesis, there were a lot of late nights with the Disney Channel on for background noise. While I’m ashamed at how many episodes of Hannah Montana are now permanently lodged in my brain, I had a little bit of secret love for That’s So Raven (in part because Raven Symone’s personality has always reminded … Read More

KatieBody Positive Narrative on ABC Family

Interrobang Katie’s Rainbow Brain

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Editor’s note: Here’s our second crosspost from the Interrobangs, this time from Katie.  Click through to see a brainy, fashionable woman totally rock some gorgeous colors. 

KatieInterrobang Katie’s Rainbow Brain