Holiday Gift Guide – Boys Boys Boys

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My husband is a big old Scrooge when it comes to holidays — birthdays, Christmas, you name it, he thinks it is ridiculous. For those of you with gentlemen in your life who are more spirited about the season, here are some fun options for them.

Kym GHoliday Gift Guide – Boys Boys Boys

Dr. Frank L. Cat, M.D.

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A kitten showed up in our backyard last week. My husband found him sticking his nose into our cat enclosure, attempting to see if my old fat cats would be interested in allowing him in to eat their food.

Kym GDr. Frank L. Cat, M.D.

Redefining Christmas

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I have always loved Christmas. I revel in the holiday season as a whole. I wish I could say it was for some noble, baby Jesus reason, but nope. I love all the decorations, music, and rampant consumerism.

Kym GRedefining Christmas