The Perfect Pet

A lot of dog training books and websites promise to teach you how to train “the perfect pet” or “the perfect dog,” but that’s just not going to happen. Your dog will never be perfect and it’s better to understand that from the start. Much like your children, spouse, friends, and boss, your dog will have quirks; expecting them to be perfect is a recipe for unhappiness at best and a dog bite at worst.  Read More The Perfect Pet

Reading Your Dog’s Poop

Most dog owners spend a lot of time picking up poop, but not a lot of time thinking about it. It’s gross, but you should really be paying attention to your dog’s business. Knowing what’s normal will help you spot potential health conditions before they become serious.  Read More Reading Your Dog’s Poop

Completely Practical Dog Clothes 

It’s very common to scoff at the idea of clothes for dogs, but even the cutest outfit can sometimes be very practical. Even some vets will say that dogs should never wear clothes, but I’m all for what makes your dog most comfortable.  Read More Completely Practical Dog Clothes 

Canine Manipulation Styles 

If you know dogs you know that they’ll quickly figure out where you’re vulnerable. They know exactly how to get the most attention, treats and toys out of their target human. Different dogs have different preferred styles to achieve maximum spoiling. Read More Canine Manipulation Styles 

Nearly Free Anxiety Solutions For Your Dog

Sometimes your dog’s anxiety is serious and requires regular medication or professional training but if you’re just trying to get past a little pacing during specific events there are some cheap solutions you can try. Some of these could also supplement treatment for more serious anxiety.  Read More Nearly Free Anxiety Solutions For Your Dog

Your Puppy Will Grow Up

Normally, when people remind you that your puppy will grow up, they’re talking about the fact that your dog won’t be an adorable three-month-old forever. This post is all about the in-between stage. Your dog is still mentally a puppy, but he’s close to his adult size and full of doofy energy and enthusiasm for destruction. You think he’s going to be like this forever, but he’s not.  Read More Your Puppy Will Grow Up