Gif Party: How I Feel about Ayn Rand

Oh, Ayn Rand! For some, she is a beacon of wisdom! She is the founder of the philosophy of objectivism and graced humankind with her teachings! Her beliefs are the very embodiment of American ideals! She even has two official fan clubs, the Ayn Rand Institute and the Atlas Society. Dear Ayn Rand. How some revere thee. Continue reading Gif Party: How I Feel about Ayn Rand

Classic Woman-centric Movie Review: “Blanche Fury”

What happens when a woman determined to make a life of her own meets a man who is willing to take back what is his by any means necessary, even if it means murder? The British film Blanche Fury, made in 1948, features such a plot, and the results are deadly for all characters involved. The film stars Valerie Hobson, Stewart Granger, and Michael Gough, and is directed by Marc Allégret. It is based on a novel by Joseph Shearing. Continue reading Classic Woman-centric Movie Review: “Blanche Fury”

Book Review: Such Sweet Sorrow, by Jenny Trout

What if Romeo had survived the events of Romeo and Juliet and, still determined to be reunited with his lost love in the afterlife, seeks out the help of no one other than Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, in order to make it happen? This is a great idea for a movie or a book, right? And Jenny Trout did it in this book, which is her first foray into young adult literature. Trout has been around for while, having published bestsellers like American Vampire and the Blood Ties series under the name Jennifer Armintrout and The Boss series, which Mara Wilson recommended during her Twitter war with E. L. James, under the name Abigail Barnette. Such Sweet Sorrow tells the story of Hamlet’s and Romeo’s journey into the Underworld to reunite Romeo with his beloved Juliet. Continue reading Book Review: Such Sweet Sorrow, by Jenny Trout

New Show Recap: Downton Abbey, Episode 5×01

Downton Abbey is back for its fifth season, and Sunday night’s episode started everything off with a bang. It’s 1924, and a new prime minister, who is affiliated with the Labour Party, has been elected, and change seems to be the only constant as life progresses onward after the Great War. But the drama and angst are still there, as is Lady Violet’s singular talent for sharp one-liners. But the times, oh, they are a-changing, as the hiring pool for servants keeps getting smaller and smaller and the aristocracy witnesses its power beginning to wane. Lord Grantham isn’t happy about it, but Tom Branson is, and that’s going to lead to a lot of conflict later on. And holy Jane Austen references, Batman! Continue reading New Show Recap: Downton Abbey, Episode 5×01

Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week

It’s back to normal work today after the Christmas holiday, and this week is going to be busy. Here are ten songs that are keeping me sane today. Continue reading Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week