Keep The Plus

Recent attempts to get retailers to stop separating out plus sizes are misguided. The campaign known as #DropThePlus wants models and clothes to exist without the size qualifier, which seems like it promotes inclusivity but really does us a disservice.
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Whole New Levels of Creepy

If anyone reading this (either of you?) is familiar with Ragen over at Dances with Fat, you probably know that she has been training for an IRONMAN triathlon. This past weekend she did a test run, an IRONMAN 70.3 (which is half the distance of the main race), on the same course she’ll be on next year.

Why am I writing about someone else’s endeavors? Two reasons: first, it didn’t go well, and second, trolls.
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Fatphobia, Paintball, and Project Runway

Spoilers for season 14 of Project Runway

Ashley Nell Tipton has been written about by almost every fat blogger I read, and for good reason. She’s the first plus size designer to appear on Project Runway, and she is easily among the most talented of the season.

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