A Letter to Decent Men: Let’s Talk About Physical Arrogance

Dear Men,

Dear Decent Men,

This is not a letter to misogynists or selfish jerks, who aren’t going to pay attention to what I have to say anyway. It’s a letter to good, decent men who might not realize that they’re doing something that really frustrates a lot of women in their lives. It’s a letter to ask you to please start being more aware of your body and stop forcing it into other people’s personal space — especially women’s personal space. Continue reading

Why I Told My Students That the “Freshman Fifteen” is Bullshit

I should emphasize something: I rarely swear in my classes. Sure, I often teach Anne Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts” during the first week of my composition courses, and plenty of the readings I assign have their share of “bad words.” As a lecturer, though, I rarely utter anything worse than crap, hell, or piss. I teach at a Christian university; swearing in the classroom isn’t forbidden or anything, but it’s not the norm. Continue reading

Facebook: Take Action Against Sex Trafficking Page!

Earlier on Tuesday evening I was doing some research on Kolkata, India and was searching for some information about sex work in the city. I did a quick search for Sonagachi, which is the city’s largest red light district. In fact, it’s one of the biggest red light districts in all of Asia. Sonagachi is also the focus of the 2004 documentary Born Into Brothels. You can read about the crimes against women and girls that are committed in Sonagachi in a variety of places, or you can watch the documentary. Continue reading

ACA Myth: Sterilizing Minors in Oregon

Earlier this week, I came across an article that seemed so outrageous that I couldn’t believe that people were actually trusting its veracity. The claim of the article, which has been reported only on blogs and news sites to the right of Fox news, is that due to the horribleness of the Affordable Care Act, minors in Oregon as young as fifteen can get sterilized for free against their parents’ wishes.

Continue reading

The Myth of Modesty: Part Three

For introduction and previous posts in this series, please see Part One & Part Two.

4) What risks does a person take by believing that sexual arousal and lust are the same thing, and that women are obligated to help men avoid them?

I usually try to avoid the slippery slope logical fallacy at all costs, which is when a person argues that if A happens, B will inevitably happen, without providing any logical context for how we will get from A to B. Continue reading