What I Learned Over My Summer Vacation

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At nearly any other point in my life, in the month of June, I would be on break from school and starting one of my summer camp jobs. This summer, however, I’ve been working full time and also going to grad school. Here are some of the things I’ve learned, for the “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” essay … Read More

Lizy YagodaWhat I Learned Over My Summer Vacation

Teaching Teachers How to Teach

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I remember the first time a teacher was wrong. I was in third grade and attending Sunday school classes at a local church. I was the only student in the class with a non-Catholic parent. (What what, Jewish dad!) This particular Sunday, our teacher was out sick and was replaced by the kindly older gentleman who ran the program. In … Read More

Lizy YagodaTeaching Teachers How to Teach

To Teach the Privileged or the Under-Privileged, That Is the Question”¦

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I feel that in many ways, my life is a struggle between my nobler instincts of selflessness and altruism and being a lazy, selfish, bitch. This dilemma manifests itself in many ways: do I give my peanut-butter sandwich that was to be my breakfast to the homeless man who has built a cardboard lean-to next to my subway station? Should … Read More

Lizy YagodaTo Teach the Privileged or the Under-Privileged, That Is the Question”¦

The Teacher in NY

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I’ve wanted to be a teacher since seventh grade. This sudden decision was a shock to my family because I wasn’t exactly the most enthusiastic student. I was an enthusiastic reader, but was not a big fan of homework.

Lizy YagodaThe Teacher in NY

Your Friendly Guide to Conversation Killers

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We’ve all been there. The incident could have been in the hall between classes or at one of those mythical cocktail parties I’m never invited to. This could even happen over dinner with friends. This menace is the Conversation Killer.

Lizy YagodaYour Friendly Guide to Conversation Killers

Morality and Immortality in the Who-niverse

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Immortality is a quality of gods and monsters. Zeus, Odin, and the monotheistic God are all immortal, but so are vampires, zombies, and the devil (Voldemort did try his damnedest, though). It is then unsurprising that a tension between moral and immoral immortality would appear in works that feature the possibility of living forever.

Lizy YagodaMorality and Immortality in the Who-niverse

Is Cake Better After Dinner?: Delayed Gratification in the “True Love Waits” Movement

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True love, in the modern context, is the stuff of fairy tales and films like The Princess Bride. To many, it seems unachievable, but there is a strong movement among teens and young adults that contends that true love is common and achievable. However, a very strict path must be followed to reach that end.

Lizy YagodaIs Cake Better After Dinner?: Delayed Gratification in the “True Love Waits” Movement

Civil Vandalism: A Manifesto

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There are many ways in which I could be a better person. I could drop my laundry quarters into the coffee cups of the panhandlers outside my office. I could work to suppress my nervous reaction to sad or uncomfortable news, which is to giggle uncontrollably.

Lizy YagodaCivil Vandalism: A Manifesto