Persephone Pioneers: Paige Weldon

Paige Weldon is a Los Angeles-based comedian and co-founder of the comedy website, The Higgs Weldon. I came across her work after recently following her on Twitter. I would describe her comedy as insightful, witty, awkward, and smart. Just the way I like it! Read More Persephone Pioneers: Paige Weldon

Persephone Pioneers: 2 Girls, 1 Asian

Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin and Kelly Colburn make up the dynamic duo ensemble, 2 Girls 1 Asian, a new web series about two girls living in New York city, experiencing your typical 20-something situations, and of course, being half Asian and white.

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Domestic Violence, Facilitated Dialogues, and Finding Inner Peace

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, I attended a training for the Domestic Violence Safe Dialogue program here in Oregon. The program takes on a restorative justice model, by creating a space where surrogate victims and offenders of domestic violence can speak to each other about their experiences. The facilitated dialogue allows for victims to ask offenders why they committed the acts of violence to their former partners, and also what kind of steps they’re doing to change. I decided to take the training to not only hopefully volunteer as a facilitator for these conversations, but also to challenge myself to look at a traumatic past that I’ve been harboring for the past 10 years.

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Remedies for Loneliness

I’ve been spending a lot of alone time lately, partly by choice and partly involuntarily. I suppose I can blame it on the recent chaos that’s occurred in my life, or maybe to the summertime sadness I’ve developed, a la Lana Del Rey (also, damn you Lana). But as I slowly try to get myself out of this slump, I’ve been trying different things to remedy the onset of loneliness — in healthy ways, of course.

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Chasing Autonomy

To begin, I am the girl who always has a boyfriend.

I know you’re making assumptions right now and I’m here to tell you that yes, they are all true. I am needy, possessive, selfish, and in constant need of my significant other’s attention. I am your textbook case study of a girl who always needs to be with someone. Sure, I can claim that it might have something to do with my abandonment issues from my father constantly leaving and coming back into my life, or the separation anxiety disorder I harbor (among other anxiety disorders I have). But I’m 27 years old now, and with a year of therapy under my belt, I should be able to navigate my relationships onto a healthy path. Except, I underestimated how difficult that journey would be.

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Self Care and Why I Think Tina Belcher is Amazing

I have been thinking a lot about Tina Belcher, oldest sibling on the animated Fox television show, Bob’s Burgers.

I’ve been in a heavy slump lately, stressed out with school, looking for work, and holding on to my dreams and ambitions, all while trying to regulate my anxiety. It hasn’t been easy, especially because, as much as I love change, I also don’t know how to function when it happens. Cue Tina Belcher and her gripping life by the groin (literally) mentality. Read More Self Care and Why I Think Tina Belcher is Amazing