Movie Review: One Day

The past few weeks have been an endurance marathon of perseverance on many fronts. The news has often strained my ability to retain my belief in the inherent good in man and not give in the abject despair that greets you at every turn when you look at the headlines. So, to escape reality for just a bit, I decided for a few hours of romantic escapism and I finally rented One Day. I had seen the previews for One Day and, I’m a bit of a sucker for a good chick lit flick so I decided to invite Emma and Dexter to keep me company.  Read More Movie Review: One Day

Rick Santorum May Be Our Friend

I am, by birth, a political junkie and, I suspect that once the dust clears and the Republicans have settled on their candidate I will begin to pay closer attention to what the candidates are saying. That said, it is not possible to ignore some of the more glaringly obvious nitwiticisms that have been spoken during this nominating season.  Read More Rick Santorum May Be Our Friend

Indifference in Post-Divorce Parenting

I recently read the article “Why I’m Glad My Ex Stopped Paying Child Support“ and was intrigued to read that someone else shares my opinion on the child support conundrum. I have been harbouring the impression that I am a bit warped because after too many years on this road I don’t always agree with the prevailing thinking on how one is supposed to behave post-divorce when children are involved.  Read More Indifference in Post-Divorce Parenting

Wilkommen in Charlottenburg

Ich bin keine Berliner(in). That, of course, is a twist on John F. Kennedy’s famous proclamation when he visited Berlin in 1960 and declared, “Ich bin ein Berliner” to demonstrate his solidarity with the people of then West Berlin. My variation, however, has two meanings: one, I was not born in Berlin and two, I am not a doughnut. Yes, I said, doughnut; Berliner also means doughnut. Read More Wilkommen in Charlottenburg

To Whitney, Thank You and Godspeed

I do not obsess about celebrities. In fact, I think the level of knowledge and access that we have to them and their personal lives is too much. But yesterday, I sat transfixed as I watched the touching and unforgettable funeral for Whitney Houston, unable, even now, to understand fully that she is gone.  Read More To Whitney, Thank You and Godspeed

Advice to the Girl I Was

If you have a passive interest in astrology and what the planets have to teach us, you will know that by most accounts, two weeks ago was supposed to be a big astrological week. The planet Neptune was due to end its sojourn, which began in 1998, in Aquarius and enter Pisces on February 3rd. It was explained that this is big news because it is the last time that Neptune will be in Aquarius in our lifetimes. What the specifics of this change mean, I will leave to the astrologers to explain further. Read More Advice to the Girl I Was

Politics: Ancient Teachings in Finding Balance

Earlier this week, Rick Santorum swept the Republican primaries in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado, renewing talk about the effect his wins will have on the Republican presidential field and, most importantly, on Mitt Romney, the apparent front runner for the Republican nomination.  Read More Politics: Ancient Teachings in Finding Balance


I have never been a New Year’s resolution kind of person. First, why should I put myself under pressure before the year has really started and second, for me, most resolutions seem trivial shortly after they’re made. This year, within a few short days, my decision was confirmed because, had I made any resolutions to remain calm and poised, they would have all been broken by now.

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