My Favorite Game That I Wish Would Go Away

It’s called “Okay, But Ladies.” And you can make your own variants, such as “Okay, But People of Color” or “Okay, But LGBT People.” It’s quite adaptable, as you’ll see.

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My Favorite Bisexual

Bi Visibility Day (aka Celebrate Bisexuality Day) was September 23. In fact, this entire week is Bi Awareness Week. I’m bisexual, so hi. And I want to talk about my favorite (pop culture) bisexual.

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A Step Back in Time and Down Memory Lane

I went to the Oregon Renaissance Festival this weekend! I saw some shows, had my hair braided, and ate delicious baklava. I didn’t eat any turkey legs, though, and we left before the joust. But the best part was thinking back to my time as a Safety and Security Officer at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

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Shoe Shopping When You Have Huge Feet

Clothes shopping can be tough because I’m fat, but I do know how to sew and if worse comes to worst, I can create clothes for myself. Bra shopping is a pain, but at least no one will see those bras (without my permission). But shoes. Shoes. I’ve worn an 11 in women’s shoes since I was about 12 years old. And short of some cobbler elves helping me out, it will never stop sucking.

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Klepto Kitten

At four months, Fluxx is a pretty typical kitten. She runs around, chases toy mice and lasers, and likes to climb to the highest point in the room. She is fast and fearless. Her sister, Fay, is a bit more shy and a tad smaller, but otherwise a typical kitten: run, chase, sleep, repeat. Except for one difference: Fay is a kleptomaniac.

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A Playlist of Relationships and Breakups

While creating an Ultimate ’90s Playlist, I got to thinking about my past crushes and relationships. Probably because of the influence of TV and movies, I tend to associate specific songs with each person. Like how on Friends, “With or Without You” was used for Ross and Rachel.

My playlist is roughly in chronological order. Roughly. Share yours in the comments!

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Toys and Tater Tots: A Proposal Story

I feel like I’m reading a lot of stories and seeing a lot of media that feature women who complain about a lack of engagement ring. One reason for this might be a lack of representation of women proposing to men; the only pop culture portrayal I can think of is Monica proposing to Chandler on Friends. And he was already planning on proposing and had a ring. (To be fair, I don’t watch much TV anymore, so there might be more women-proposing-to-men stories now.) (Ed. note – Lorelei proposed to Luke on Gilmore Girls.) So I thought I’d share my proposal-to-him story, which took place in 2008.

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