New Show Recap: Boardwalk Empire, 4.08, “Old King of Zion”

While recent episodes have been pushing the themes of a changing of the guard, this episode had us remembering just who controls the empire. Like a line in the episode’s namesake suggests,“Waves were rough but that old ship kept sailing.”  There might be a new generation of gangsters and men of the badge waiting in the wings, but isn’t this the same theme we’ve been exploring since season one with Jimmy? That’s because while it’s always a risk, Nucky stays on top. And that’s because Nucky knows how to stay on top. Continue reading

New Show Recap: Boardwalk Empire 4×06, “The North Star”

A melancholy Nucky waits in the train station cafe for someone. With each passing train, his coffee cup and saucer vibrate, moving slowly away from him. The waiter explains that it’s the trains and Nucky distractedly wonders, “…you go your whole life without noticing things…” When he looks up Margaret is walking towards him. Continue reading

New Show Recap: Boardwalk Empire, “Acres of Diamonds”

Following three seasons of the incredibly charming, though massively flawed Gillian Darmody as a staple of the show, she was a welcome returning character after being absent in Episode 2. After the almost-coup of last season culminating in a massacre in The Artemis Club, Gillian’s brothel, she’s left with no business to run and a bloody and abandoned house of ill repute. Continue reading

Django Unchained

[Contains spoilers for Django Unchained and Inglourious Basterds]

“…and all I could think was – you’re so cool.” This is exactly how I felt when I watched Pulp Fiction for the second time (the second time because my first viewing happened at 12 years old and I was a bit young to quite get it). Spoken by Patricia Arquette as Alabama in Tarantino’s 1993 screenplay for True Romance, these words echo my thoughts upon every viewing of every Tarantino film since that second introduction.

Continue reading